This mod is essentially a speedfreak version of Brutal Doom. It's very challenging on any difficulty above Ultra-violence. The default difficulty, "Brutalized Brutality", is similar to 'vanilla' Brutal Doom's Black Metal difficulty.

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Many changes to the mod have been made thus far. Many improvements should come about hopefully. The release date is still set to June 28th.

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Thanks to olzhas1one, many of the gun sounds in this mod became less earsplitting. He provided me with sounds that I edited even more. Now the guns are more satisfying and user-friendly.

Nearly every clipping glitch has been removed, the player can no longer walk through decorations, enemies, or get crushed by doors. This has been a haunting plague for a year and a half, but it's only been fixed even more since the last teaser trailer.

Another change in the mod's gameplay was the extinguishing of fire over liquid surfaces. Imp/fat-so fire used to confound with water particles, obstructing the player's view, and screwing the performance with too many particles. It was also unfair to get double-burned over nukage pits, but that is gone now.

Also, the grabbed torch's had their trail colors fixed, the mods file size was reduced, and many particles were shrunk for a retro effect.

There are many features that I want to add before the release of v0.7b. Some of them include grabbable candelabras (like the ones at the end of E1M1), an improved medkit system (to prevent waste from picking a medkit at 90% health), a better recoil system for all weapons, and movement animations to various actions like weapon selections and reloading.

Here are the new sounds in action:

Here is the old teaser with the old sounds:

These are some game-play video's from various fans in chronological order from 2018 to '19:

Thank you, everyone, for being patient.

Testing team: Moa_Dixon™, olzhas1one, StormyBlue3044, Angelloproduct, DualPistolPain, KGB Agent Phillip, Your local drug dealer, RichardoTomislav, TootsyBowl, Derek The Blue-White Squirrel, A Fucking Cheshire Cat, Nelson!, Saad356, Ye Illuminator...

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