- Add one optimal and strong personality.

- (TO DO) Add various personalities that use different tactics and openings.

- (MAYBE) Improve the AI in the campaign.

aI LIVE alpha 0.8.2

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NOD: South American Factions

Rio is rife with the angry, the disenfranchised... a powder keg of rebellion ready to ignite. Soon, the flames of insurrection shall flicker... and rise.


GDI promises them prosperity, but in the slums of Rio the homeless and the hungry know the truth! They have been forgotten, they have nothing... but... their... anger! We will take that spark and start a fire that will become a great conflagration! Peace... through... power! ”

Kane to LEGION.

For what these poor soldiers lack in Technology, LEGION will compensate in Strategy.

He found in the Soviet Deep Battle doctrine the best way to make their high number (and anger!) count. They will exhaust the attacking enemy and then vigorously counterattack.

GDI: Blitzkrieg

“The tanks would never be able to produce their full effect until the other weapons on whose support they must inevitably rely were brought up to their standard of speed and of cross-country performance. In such formation of all arms, the tanks must play primary role, the other weapons beings subordinated to the requirements of the armour. What was needed were armoured divisions which would include all the supporting arms needed to allow the tanks to fight with full effect. If the tanks succeed, then victory follows

Nazi General Heinz Guderian

Some GDI Commanders saw big similarities between the high-tech and motorized German Army and the GDI Army. Therefore it sounded natural to them to use the same strategy that the German Army used to shock the world: Blitzkrieg.

SCRIN: Explorer-82

“REFORMAT YOUR SHIP, FOREMAN! Insubordination is unacceptable!


This entire harvesting operation is expandable, OVERLORD ORDERS MORE INFORMATIONS ON KANE!"

Supervisor to Foreman's Mothership

Not the entire SCRIN harvesting force was under Foreman 371 control, besides Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 another elite reconnaissance team under direct OVERLORD control were sent to earth. This faction is aggressive and uses teams of buzzers, seekers and aircraft.

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aI LIVE alpha 0.8.2

aI LIVE alpha 0.8.2


Introduction of 3 new subpersonalities: NOD: South American Factions, GDI: Blitzkrieg & SCRIN: Explorer-82 ...... Minor fixes and improvements.

aI LIVE alpha 0.8.1

aI LIVE alpha 0.8.1


First alpha release, only 1 optimal personality for each faction, notable changes: 0.8 - More efficient expansion timings and frequency. - More efficient...

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