The Day/Night Cycle ENB simulates a day/night cycle by applying dynamic contrast, saturation, and brightness post-processing algorithms to change the look of the game. Units, buildings, game menus, etc., are all impacted, and you can disable and enable the mod in-game as you like. The Day/Night Cycle ENB effects are well-suited for scenarios/RPGs, campaigns, or even standard random map games!

Day/Night Cycle Mod Overview Video

In-Game Footage

This mod works as is for AoE2HD and the expansions AoF and AoAK.

As this is a graphic mod, it is fully multiplayer compatible! You may play using this mod against players who both have and do not have this mod installed.

Since this ENB mod applies post-processing effects while your game is running, it is compatible with ALL other non-ENB mods! Yes, even mods that change textures. The ENB will automatically apply its effects to everything on-screen.

First off- what is "ENB"? Good question- the actual acronym is a mystery to me. However, what I can tell you is what ENB\ENBSeries mods do. ENB mods strive to utilize and enhance post-processing effects to customize how games look. The developer of ENB, Boris Vorontsov, has the following to say about ENB:

"The main idea is to allow every gamer to configure how [a] game looks like [to] their own taste, so [that] every player [can] share [these] settings with others. Many games may look much better and ENBSeries is the easiest way to improve them."

I have used ENB mods in other games to great effect on my gaming experience. In fact, it was while I was playing Skyrim with an ENB that it dawned on me that since AoE2HD uses DirectX9 graphics, it might just be possible to create an ENB mod for it. And today, after much learning, tweaking, and trial and error, I am proud to present the first Day/Night Cycle ever for AoE2HD!


  • ENBSeries (c) 2007-2016 Boris Vorontsov
  • Master Effect 1.4 Shader Suite:
    Copyright (c) 2009-2016 Gilcher Pascal aka Marty McFly
  • Boris Vorontsov for Lenz, Vignette
    Matso for DOF code, Lenz offsets, Anamflare, noise, color grading, sharpen for TV levels, vibrance, dither, border shader, sepia, splitscreen
    SSontech for Filmiccurve and Reinhard tonemap
    icelaglace for color mood shader, chromatic abberation
    AAA aka openzdl for Lenz code parts, Cross Process shader
    HeliosDoubleSix for vignette and tonemap
    PetkaGtA for Lightscattering, DOF and help :D
    DKT70 for HDR
    Kermles for his huge skyrim/fnv tonemap shader, finaladjuster
    gp65cj04 for multipass DOF, color washout
    Ryosuke for colormod bloom structure
    Rockstar North for colorboost (part of rage_postfx.fxc shader)
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Age of Empires II Day/Night Cycle ENB v1.0

Age of Empires II Day/Night Cycle ENB v1.0

Effects GFX 3 comments

This is the full release package of Age of Empires II Day/Night Cycle ENB v1.0. Installation instructions and credits are included alongside the ENB archive...

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doesn't work on AOE II DE :/, would be nice a version for it

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hola ya instale el mod pero la verdad me gustaria saber cuánto tiempo dura el ciclo día y noche para tenerlo en cuenta para ver si me funciona correctamente lo agradecería de antemano

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Really cool effect and easy to install, thank you!

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ModPositive Creator

Thanks! I appreciate that.

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como se instala?

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ModPositive Creator

Install instructions are included in the zip file. Hope they help.

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Kudos to you for this mod

Until now i thought such a thing is not possible because the game is capped at 256 colors and lighting conditions would not be able to be simulated within this short color range , it seems i thought wrong
Day/night cycle should have been available officially or at least various lighting conditions the way Age of Mythology has them but you done it
Well done !

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ModPositive Creator

Thank you! I am using contrast, saturation, and brightness curves that intersect and periodically loop to simulate a day-night cycle. Since the buildings and units are technically 2D, I am not sure how one would implement lighting unlike AoM (only water is 3D in AoE2HD and has lighting).

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