This is a partial conversion for FoC. It is a testbed for all the crazy ideas I've had pertaining to the limits of what's possible for me to mod the game.
I don't consider this mod to really have an end goal at the moment. And there are some planned features but they won't get added until I feel the itch or
have the needed to add them. This mod is not at all balanced, but if you have suggestions for balance edits please share them and if they're necessary enough
I'll add them. Also expect the mod to be missing a lot of polish.

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Major Scope Decision

News 2 comments

First I owe an apology. I don't mean to tease with these cool looking images, I just think they look cool and hype me up for what potentially could be really great. I just hope whoever is following the mod feels the same way.

I've decided the best way to move forward with the mod is simply to scale down the scope for the first release. At first, I wanted 5 eras, a full set of ships for each faction for each era with a multi era story driven sandbox GC. It's taken me this long to realize it, but that scope is just too large for me to handle. I do really want to make a story driven mod, and I feel that now the best way to do it is to focus on just one era, that will essentially be a recreation of the TV series in game form. That is a goal I believe I can accomplish. The mod won't have the most ships, or skirmish balance, or maybe even a playable ground battle, but I am going to commit myself to actually producing content instead of using the lack of content as an excuse to not do anything.

Writing it down so I have a contract to hold myself too.
By February 2022, I will have a release of the mod that encompasses the events of part 1 and 2 of Saga of a Star World.

Main Features

Main Features


A brief overview of what's currently in the mod and what it's about. The highlight of the mod is the use of corruption mechanics for the rebel faction...

Development updates Nov 2021

Development updates Nov 2021


A summery of the systems in development in the current mess of the unreleased version of the mod.

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Auto Remove Corruption

Auto Remove Corruption

Script 1 comment

lua script to attach to units to auto remove corruption from planets

Hide SubMesh

Hide SubMesh

Script 1 comment

-- Script made by Hyrum_Solo -- -- Redistribution Policy: Code in part may be borrowed without explicate -- permission from the script author. For altered/repurposed...



Demo 2 comments

first public release of my private mod. only tested with steam please let me know if it works with other versions

Penumbral - - 232 comments

Excellent idea. We will be watching you with great interest.

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Megabalta - - 353 comments

indeed we will

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