A detective story set in the Neverwinter Nights default campaign setting (Forgotten Realms). The year is 1380 DR and Riatavin finds itself in the grip of a massive civilian protest. But you aren't particularly concerned-there's always trouble-a consequence of living in the big cities that dot the Realms.

Trouble is good-as a private investigator, no job is too big or too small--at least that's what you advertise in the local newspaper.

The truth is that most of your clients are the nobles living in the city. You know the type--the moneyed, urban, downtown elites. They come to you because you guarantee confidentiality in their private affairs and that makes them throw heaps of gold at you. Even the local guard relies on you from time to time--as a ‘Detective Consultant,' the chief guard depends on your unrivaled expertise in criminal investigation and loads of free time to solve cases they simply can't find the time to do. Plus the regular stipend helps to motivate. You live a strange privileged life.

You literally lurch from one case to the next, never stopping to catch a breath. People are clamoring for your help. From searching for a missing cookie magnate to settling a petty employee-employer dispute, you might end up helping a desperate realtor looking for an exorcist on the side. You live to work and work to live, and work is good.

As you solve crimes, the city increasingly becomes more agitated around you...


  • A story featuring the player as a detective set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This module lives and dies on the plot. Mileage will vary—I know this module will not be for everyone.
  • Presented as a ‘documentary’ series set in a future Forgotten Realms.
  • Mysteries to solve—search for a missing cookie magnate, retrieve a statue, and track down an elusive killer.
  • Various side quests—hire an intern, explore a haunted factory, and help an inventor.
  • Uses the DnD skill set for game-play—level up using rewards earned for solving cases.
  • Non-combat module. A lot of talking and a lot of walking.
  • Less unnamed NPCs with better character descriptions—most NPCs have a story to tell.
  • Optional UI Reskin and Optional Reskin of the Air Elemental creature.
  • Don’t forget to upgrade. This module requires both expansions and the latest patch (1.69.8109).
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ASPL Readme


A Strange Priviledged Life



Software Requirements

Neverwinter Nights v1.68

This includes the two expansion packs Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark

How to play this module

Download the zip file ASPL.zip and extract it

Copy the file into the Modules folder of your Neverwinter Nights directory

Start up the game and go New

Select Other Modules

Scroll down until you hit ASPL


Details about the module

Feature and bug free complete as of January 5, 2016

Scripts written with Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator and the toolset Script Wizard

Nwnlexicon.com (help)

For players starting with new level 1 characters

IF you die however, load a save or quit the module.

Known Issues

There are a number of scripted events in the module which requires the player to step on an invisible trigger to begin a ‘dialogue dual’—this locks the player into the conversation and when the conversation ends, does the game revert back to the non-cinematic game mode. This is to ensure no ‘backtracking’ and ensures the proper setting of conditions. These are not bugs, but you cannot ‘esc’ out normally without finishing the conversation first.

It is possible that you will get framerate issues during a scripted event after handing in several plot items to the NPC Guard Artificer Nichols during the endgame case ‘Café Society.’ I have experienced this for myself while creating this module—it is annoying, but once the event finishes, the framerate will be restored.

RSS Files


Full Version

This is the module A Strange Privileged Life. It has been bug tested as much as possible and there shouldn't be any game stopping errors. A walkthrough...




This is a partial reskin of the NWN GUI and game icons for the module A Strange Privileged Life.



NPC Skin

This is a reskin of the Air Elemental creature in NWN for the module A Strange Privileged Life.




This is a walkthrough of the first quest for the module. It introduces the important things players will need to know about how the module uses the skills...


A very unique concept and the mod sounds incredibly interesting. You should really consider posting this to the vault as well, because it really deserves a bigger audience.

EDIT: just read the manual. Now I really can't wait to play it - the description of the skill-based detective gameplay sounds absolutely awesome.

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Have you considered hosting at the NWN Vault for reaching a wider audience? It's always nice to see new modules for the game :)


EDIT - Is the Air Elemental Reskin and GUI Reskin meant to be used as patch HAKs or are they the module requirements?

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