I do Half life and Half Life 2 mod reviews, there i not much to me but this is what i do. if you do find this then recommend a mod to me il do a review (1-10, RE-play ability, over all, style, value -[waist, crappy, cheap, all-right, top])along with a video walkthrough of it on my youtube xXBornToGameXx. I go by many names, H3XiST, H3XeR xXBornToGameXx, or BTG.

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Mad World

xXBornToGameXx Blog

Although this is not your typical Half life 2 MOD, it is one of the most relaxing, one that i have ever played (Witch goes against what it name says). This tests you ability to think quick, do simple math, find a path with spelling hints, and the 7 deadly sins. With only 3 levels to it, it's shortness is very refreshing.

Although the shortness is refreshing, it does give it self a very low replay level for its self. You kind find your self frustrated, by the fact that when you die you have to restart the level all over again, but that can simply be fixed by every so often saving in a safe pain ware you have to make a choice on something.

With simple game play to it, and a puzzle like feel to it, this is some thing that i would like to see over again, but much large, and with bigger choices to make, rather than just left or right. I would like to see some thing like, pic this and person A dies, do this and person B dies, some thing that can hurt and help you, just by doing this can give the game a whole new look and feel to it.

==Final Thoughts==
none at the moment.

1-10: 7.2
RE-play: a few times a month maybe.
over all: all right
style : puzzle
value: cheap - all-right

good to play for a break and easy to under stand

No Escape

xXBornToGameXx Blog

Many a times we've played the classic zombie game that puts you up against the undead, with only a gun with a knife or an axe to go a long side you to keep your self alive. One of the most strange things in this MOD is not the gun skins or the HUD update, is the fact that the Rebels and the Combine have both teamed up together to fight to survive, and yet you get locked up and pushed to the side lines, as think that you are one of the causes of the infection or that you are infected with the virus. You that you are not like that, you fight back and escape from the under ground jail. What makes this fun is that you get to kill Combine and Rebels to get your revenge.

Although the reskins are a nice add on of freshness, I personally think that they over did it on the reskin. from changing the sound and screams are just to much sometimes. When it comes to MODs it is nice to change things looks and sounds, but in this MOD it feals like they're tring to push them slefs away from the HL2 franchise from witch it was made. Don't get me wrong, this is a good MOD and it is a good thing to play, they just did to much for my taste.

With made me stop and go WTF is the fact that there is a cutsene at the end, and I don't mean like the one at the end of EP2. This was a full 2min cutsene with not even looking through your eyes or even seeing you.

===Final Thoughts===
This is a nother mod that puts you in the shoes of the zombie survivor, at times it feals like it's trying to push it self away and be an idie game. With to many reskins for my taste, it's final score will be lower than many people would hope but it is still a good MOD. With the possiblity of a second game, i would hope to see the same things in this game moved over, just that the game it self was much longer to give us a feel that the reskins do infact belong in this game.

1-10 : 8.5
RE-play ability : from time to time a few times a month
over all : good and at leat worth a try
style : zombie
value : all-right

8-8.5 with high hopes.

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Edges - The House

xXBornToGameXx Blog

with out completing this MOD, I am already going to write my review on it. This MOD (if you can call it that.) has a feel to it that i simply do not like. From the way it starts out. to how you have to do things, just give you a bad taste in your mouth that you can't get rid of, no matter how long you try.

You start out the game doing what? Reading, yes reading, and not just a little text about 2 lines long. No, your reading a page of text. It's thin and blurry so its very hard to read, and when your done your still sitting there for a long time. The way it feels while playing it is another thing as well, it feels like a noob map, no not just a noob map, but a 100% noob MOD, a noob mod that its maps feel like it should be changed into a synergy map made for a noob server that never played.

With efects that come up from time to time worping the screen is ok the first time, but after that it just becomes a pain in the ass. You get very little amo and wepons, and with floods fo zombies that are made up of upwords 30 zombies some times, there is hardly any thing you can do but crowbar your way out.

One final thing that becomes a pain is, you have to find things, and they tell you that very fast and by the time you know its on the screen its gone, and your stuck walking around trying to get lucky.

==Final thoughts==
its just a waist of time playing this mod, try it if you want, but skip it, noclip up on the first level and you'll see what i mean about the way it was made. save your self some time and hard drive space, skip it.

1-10 ----------------2.5
RE-play ability: NONE
over all:----------- SHIT
style -------------- NOOB
value -------------- waist

Nightmare House: Remake

xXBornToGameXx Blog

This MOD is a remake to the other mod haunted house. There Huge improvements on the other one that gives it what the MOD needed. This was more than a 100% remake, the only thing the kept was the main idea and the main form of the map. This doesn't even feel like the original mod that we first played.

This MOD was so power full in its remake that i had to stop playing and take a 5 minute brake to calm down. The only reason that this would not get a perfect 10 out of 10 is that this MOD is not for everyone.

Now this MOD does come with a few set backs, to play you need any of the HL2 games and CSS to use the textures. It's like GM_goonivers, you need PHX to see some of the stuff to see the game it self.

This mod was so good that I have to lower my rating of the original mod has to be lowered, from 7.5 to 6, just to make this balance out

==Final thoughts==

this is a top notch MOD from what it has come from, and again its not for every one. because this is a remake the ratings stand higher for this one.


Half Life 2 MOD: Haunted House

xXBornToGameXx Blog

Starting off with a short and simple mod, is not always a bad thing. some times, you just need some thing short to wake you up, or to get you back into the swing of the game. You start off the game by crashing, and finding yourself at the house, the shadows and the darkness give us just a small look into what is in store for us, with a few re skins in the game that give us just that little lift from the normal half life 2 games with out trying to make us forget what it was made from. At every turn, there is something sitting there just waiting to scare your soul out of you. From zombies out of no ware, or the house it self, trying to shake, or even to kill you. This MOD is one ride that can give us a time that will never be forgotten. V ==READ ON== V

With only 3-4 maps there is not much meat, and I'm not talking about all the zombies your going to have to kill. You would think that with a MOD like this, the maps would be just a little bit bigger but for a fast play through, witch it was made for, it does do it self justice.

I am how ever disappointed with the score that people have rated this MOD. i rated this mod for the first time on 5-08-2009, i am rate number 54. and the rate is only 3.7


1-10: 7 Edit====> 7.5
RE-play a few times a month, max
over-all ok but not for all
Style this goes for the scare but not to much
value All-right.

==Final thoughts==
yes this is a good MOD but again this mod is not for every one. if you don't like the fear or scare style of mads, skip it. Now there are things that i would like to see changed. map size, they should be a little bit bigger. if you have played the mod than you know that out side there is a shed, they could of done so much with that if they spent a little bit more time on it.

one more small thing that i would have liked to have seen is them is making a custom model, if you know in the last level of the game that there is a ghost, but they used a stalker model. Now I'm not saying give up on the mod, there just little things i would like to see

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