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Starting off with a short and simple mod, is not always a bad thing. some times, you just need some thing short to wake you up, or to get you back into the swing of the game. You start off the game by crashing, and finding yourself at the house, the shadows and the darkness give us just a small look into what is in store for us, with a few re skins in the game that give us just that little lift from the normal half life 2 games with out trying to make us forget what it was made from. At every turn, there is something sitting there just waiting to scare your soul out of you. From zombies out of no ware, or the house it self, trying to shake, or even to kill you. This MOD is one ride that can give us a time that will never be forgotten. V ==READ ON== V

With only 3-4 maps there is not much meat, and I'm not talking about all the zombies your going to have to kill. You would think that with a MOD like this, the maps would be just a little bit bigger but for a fast play through, witch it was made for, it does do it self justice.

I am how ever disappointed with the score that people have rated this MOD. i rated this mod for the first time on 5-08-2009, i am rate number 54. and the rate is only 3.7


1-10: 7 Edit====> 7.5
RE-play a few times a month, max
over-all ok but not for all
Style this goes for the scare but not to much
value All-right.

==Final thoughts==
yes this is a good MOD but again this mod is not for every one. if you don't like the fear or scare style of mads, skip it. Now there are things that i would like to see changed. map size, they should be a little bit bigger. if you have played the mod than you know that out side there is a shed, they could of done so much with that if they spent a little bit more time on it.

one more small thing that i would have liked to have seen is them is making a custom model, if you know in the last level of the game that there is a ghost, but they used a stalker model. Now I'm not saying give up on the mod, there just little things i would like to see

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