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Although this is not your typical Half life 2 MOD, it is one of the most relaxing, one that i have ever played (Witch goes against what it name says). This tests you ability to think quick, do simple math, find a path with spelling hints, and the 7 deadly sins. With only 3 levels to it, it's shortness is very refreshing.

Although the shortness is refreshing, it does give it self a very low replay level for its self. You kind find your self frustrated, by the fact that when you die you have to restart the level all over again, but that can simply be fixed by every so often saving in a safe pain ware you have to make a choice on something.

With simple game play to it, and a puzzle like feel to it, this is some thing that i would like to see over again, but much large, and with bigger choices to make, rather than just left or right. I would like to see some thing like, pic this and person A dies, do this and person B dies, some thing that can hurt and help you, just by doing this can give the game a whole new look and feel to it.

==Final Thoughts==
none at the moment.

1-10: 7.2
RE-play: a few times a month maybe.
over all: all right
style : puzzle
value: cheap - all-right

good to play for a break and easy to under stand

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