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Many a times we've played the classic zombie game that puts you up against the undead, with only a gun with a knife or an axe to go a long side you to keep your self alive. One of the most strange things in this MOD is not the gun skins or the HUD update, is the fact that the Rebels and the Combine have both teamed up together to fight to survive, and yet you get locked up and pushed to the side lines, as think that you are one of the causes of the infection or that you are infected with the virus. You that you are not like that, you fight back and escape from the under ground jail. What makes this fun is that you get to kill Combine and Rebels to get your revenge.

Although the reskins are a nice add on of freshness, I personally think that they over did it on the reskin. from changing the sound and screams are just to much sometimes. When it comes to MODs it is nice to change things looks and sounds, but in this MOD it feals like they're tring to push them slefs away from the HL2 franchise from witch it was made. Don't get me wrong, this is a good MOD and it is a good thing to play, they just did to much for my taste.

With made me stop and go WTF is the fact that there is a cutsene at the end, and I don't mean like the one at the end of EP2. This was a full 2min cutsene with not even looking through your eyes or even seeing you.

===Final Thoughts===
This is a nother mod that puts you in the shoes of the zombie survivor, at times it feals like it's trying to push it self away and be an idie game. With to many reskins for my taste, it's final score will be lower than many people would hope but it is still a good MOD. With the possiblity of a second game, i would hope to see the same things in this game moved over, just that the game it self was much longer to give us a feel that the reskins do infact belong in this game.

1-10 : 8.5
RE-play ability : from time to time a few times a month
over all : good and at leat worth a try
style : zombie
value : all-right

8-8.5 with high hopes.

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