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with out completing this MOD, I am already going to write my review on it. This MOD (if you can call it that.) has a feel to it that i simply do not like. From the way it starts out. to how you have to do things, just give you a bad taste in your mouth that you can't get rid of, no matter how long you try.

You start out the game doing what? Reading, yes reading, and not just a little text about 2 lines long. No, your reading a page of text. It's thin and blurry so its very hard to read, and when your done your still sitting there for a long time. The way it feels while playing it is another thing as well, it feels like a noob map, no not just a noob map, but a 100% noob MOD, a noob mod that its maps feel like it should be changed into a synergy map made for a noob server that never played.

With efects that come up from time to time worping the screen is ok the first time, but after that it just becomes a pain in the ass. You get very little amo and wepons, and with floods fo zombies that are made up of upwords 30 zombies some times, there is hardly any thing you can do but crowbar your way out.

One final thing that becomes a pain is, you have to find things, and they tell you that very fast and by the time you know its on the screen its gone, and your stuck walking around trying to get lucky.

==Final thoughts==
its just a waist of time playing this mod, try it if you want, but skip it, noclip up on the first level and you'll see what i mean about the way it was made. save your self some time and hard drive space, skip it.

1-10 ----------------2.5
RE-play ability: NONE
over all:----------- SHIT
style -------------- NOOB
value -------------- waist

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