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Balance & AI Mod for Kanes Wrath

Mod review

KW AI can actually fight now!


Tiberium Dusk

Mod review

lots of fun new stuff, everything looks nice and works mostly alright, BUT. AI just doesn't work like half of the time. and then visceroids are so powerful and easy to breed that your infantry's corpses becomes the most powerful unit in the game, which can't be stopped efficiently by anything but the highest tier units.


The Second Tiberium War

Mod review - 1 disagree

it has a campaign, it is pretty, it plays nice and it feels fresh. what else do you want?


MustaphaTR's D2K Mod

Mod review

a pretty solid expansion for Dune 2000. some imported artwork looks jarring, but the actual in-game models looks alright and works fine. can't talk about the balance, but at the very least it looks like every unit and power has it's use.


The Sin War

Mod review - 1 agree

brutal, yet fair mod. i'm a big fan of the reworked skill and economy balance, plus new combat pace is pretty much what i wanted to see in this game from the start. i'm not too far into the mod so far and sometimes feel like complaining about the difficulty, but then i realise i'm not using this or that thing available to me because of the old habits and i start using it and everything becomes so much better.


Dawn of the Tiberium Age

Mod review

diverse, fair, fun and beautiful :)


The Red Alert

Mod review

if you want to play first Red Alert with better graphics and unit control - this is the best choice.

also, pretty good mod overall. everything looks great, plays well and sounds properly.

oh, and if you're worried about changed ore deposits messing up default maps - no need to worry, all deposits are converted in game, not on the map, so every normal map will work, as long as it does not requires building on the water (because you could not build normal buildings on the water in RA1 and this is a proper RA1 mod).


C&C 3: The Forgotten

Mod review

everything looks great, but plays... not so well.
good sides of the mod:
live action cutscenes like in every proper C&C game, good and reasonable looking units, custom soundtrack (which varies wildly in performance and recording quality) and unit voices, varied units an abilities.
bad sides:
lots and lots of bug everyshere - terrain, abilities, units, scripts, you name it; bad balance - many units feels weaker than their price would suggest, some because of how bugged they are or how much managing a unit requires to be of any use; some powers are too situational, but requires too much to be usable outside of situations set up by the campaign; no way to check mission objectives in campaign unless when they decide to pop up on the screen for a brief amount of time; some insignificant descriptions are not in english.

all in all, it was not TOO terrible, but the campaign was rather frustrating to play through.


Tiberium Essence

Mod review

first thing, great and perfectly fitting visuals and units!
can't say anything about balance, since i didn't play this mod for too long.
also, wasn't a fan of GDI or Scrin previously, but this mod made me like every faction! GDI undergone a massive rework and instead of being simply slow, but powerful, it now gets a lot of very different units. now actually feels like a proper futuristic global military force seeking to protect civilization across the whole Earth. NOD also got [back] some neat tricks and the Scrin got proper treatment too.
tried to play GDI campaign on this mod, and even tho some special campaign units remain untouched, the rest of it feels so much different and it is great!

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