MustaphaTR's D2K mod is a small mod based on original D2K mod of OpenRA. It includes 8 sides (Atreides, Fremen, Ixians, Harkonnen, Corrino, Ordos, Mercenaries, Smugglers) as playable and has special units and abilities for each.

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D.jTeo says

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Its just like an expansion to original D2k and most important concrete and defense structures has their own tab


SirCakealot says

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Hi, found some time to do a comment on your mod.

not bad :) lots of stuff and also lots of changes.

I hope that your anti-infantry defenses are not too strong, since infantry in d2k does not have much impact to begin with (easily crushable and slooooow). Also I would propose to rename Atreides and Fremen "machine gun turret" to "maula turret" which is the name of a projectile weapon used by the Fremen in the books. It uses bolts instead of bullets and should have a gun-sould similar to the fremen infantry.

So far as I have read, only the Harkonnen once used artillery so maybe they should get the arty defense?
I like the mines as defenses idea for the Smugglers.

Keep it up

(the 5 is only because there is still lots of work tbd.)


SteamsDev says

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It's nice to see the original Dune 2000 get an upgrade like the other OpenRA mods. Great work, MustaphaTR!


Violet-n-red says

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a pretty solid expansion for Dune 2000. some imported artwork looks jarring, but the actual in-game models looks alright and works fine. can't talk about the balance, but at the very least it looks like every unit and power has it's use.


Curieyes says

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A wonderful, wonderful update to a childhood favorite. Not only are factions far more diverse, factions I always wish I could play are present in-game. Most of the problems I have are either superficial (Such as sharing main factions' barracks styles, overtly referencing main factions) or rather inherent in the OpenRA engine (Like AI failing to build concrete). As such, if I want to play Dune 2000 skirmishes this is the only mod I need.


onu_ says

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Already in comments.


IvanderLim says

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Dune 2000 is my childhood game
Since i was child idk anything about this game so i got overrun quickly
Until now i suck in this game X(
About this mod has a new unique factions such as
Fremen,Corrino,Smuggler,and Mercenary
Some of them are amazing
Such as infantry like rocketeer,Plasma Infantry,and so on
However there are some bugs where when you deploy the ConYard it will move to upgrade section instead buildings sections
In other words
Great work Mustafa


bluegender says

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