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June - Oct Update

Tyrranus Blog

June 26 through October 1 2013
Rather than go into detail on the front page I cover what happened in the forums here.
Koffii has given the Cougar some more love and you can find some of the pics in this thread.
I have a couple more pics I haven't released yet ;)

Nov 26 - June 25

Tyrranus Blog

June 25 2013
Our web host wants $70 to retrieve the domain in addition to the $15 to register it. Needless to say that aint happening atm. We will likely just use a subdomain on our account for the short term solution. Technically you can use that now but the forums do not care for it.

May 7 2013
Having one hell of a time getting a hold of Yamiko to get the site back up >.<

in the mean time enjoy a tiny update to the R-13B Cougar's concept art!

April 29 2013
oopse... Yamiko neglected to mention the url was up for renewal
Something about being worried he might need heart surgury.. Fortunately things turned out to be not that severe for him. But the domain name has expired. The site still exists but the links wont work for the moment.

Many apologies

January 9 2013
I think I did it!! I think Ive managed to block the vast bulk of spam bots from even making forum accounts!
Users will hate registerring probably, and again for their first post, but at least we're spam free :D
Added the 3D concept model for the R-13B Cougar to the forums, these used to be spread out in the old developer diary.

January 2 2013

BLEAAAAGH!! 8hr 15min worth of crap but its DONE!! About 99% of the old forum posts are now brought over, the ones not just dont apply. About 80% of the old Dev Diary was brought over... mostly highlight bits... I didnt bother with picture only posts, or defunct game mechanic posts, or rants etc

Even threads that already had posts in them are generally more filled out with posts so everything is worth looking at again. I also managed to credit most the original authors.

January 1 2013
Hope everyone had an enjoyable time during the holidaze and survived without major injury or incident!Well we kick off the new year with a bit of good news. The site's wiki has been updated with much of the old information, and I have the old forum information dump so I can finish porting old posts over to the new forums.Parts 2 and 3 of the "Shift in Perspective" fiction will be released soon, pure lazy settled in during the holidaze, I have no excuse.

December 14 2012
Our sincerest and deepest condolences to the victims of the horrible Connecticut shooting. For such a thing to happen to the young and innocent is among the worst crimes man can inflict upon man.

December 6 2012
Part 1 of a bit of in universe fiction released :) Hoping to release a bit of in universe fiction to help get the flow and feel of 5thWar out there and better understood.
Read Here

November 25 2012
Hope everyone that celebrated enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and that everyone survived Black Friday and the beginning of the Holidaze insanity.
Remember to spend a moment to consider those serving, from all countries, that cannot be home with family and friends while you are busy fighting someone for that toy/trinket/gift, and thank them for living through hell so you can.

In other news, our site is being slammed massively by spambot, so if you register with an odd username and/or email, make a post so we know you are a person and do not delete you.

November 12 2012
So its been over a month since a 5th War related update... WTF's goin on?
Head over to our forums and find out! :D

October 07 2012
V3xx3N has returned from the great beyond he disappeared into and is ready to help us once more!! He's already begun making some music samples!

October 05 2012
We have a new paying client that wants a website, giving us much needed cash for crazy things like bills, so website work has slowed again.
I have posted a new game mechanic idea for discussion in our forums. I like the way it works but wonder if it will slow down gameplay or if it will just not be desired.

September 20 2012
First of the old forum posts have begun appearing in the new forums :) Proper porting over was turning out to be a royal pita, so Yamiko is manually posting them.. This results in it looking like he is having a 1 man conversation with himself since the original poster's information is not maintained.

Having manually done this twice before I can tell you this is a tedious pita, and I can understand why he is not adding quote boxes with the original poster's name to every post.

September 16 2012
PURGE THEM WITH FIRE!!! A campaign of scorched earth has killed the malware, and boy was it impressive.
Had to copy all of our sites to local hard drives then purge the whole server.
Finishing up with the last details of reconstruction after that and getting back to the finishing touches for this site. :)

September 11 2012
Got the google+ widget to work right and added, updated the site's news area and removed all the bad links in the news that pointed to the old site.

September 2-11 2012
We're dealing with some server malware bot that is altering the .htaccess files and causing all kinds of headaches for us.
Our host is being less than helpful on this issue.
Needless to say we're shifting efforts to kill this bot before continuing as we have several clients with sites on our server.

August 31 2012
Updated the look of the facebook group to reflect the new look of the site.

August 28 2012

New site shaping up, we have abandoned the Joomla platform due to security issues.

June 15-ish 2012

The site was hit by a php injection script that corrupted the site. No data was lost but the site was brought down for overhaul and security upgrades.

June 17
Yes the site's down, for the last couple days. Waiting on hostmonster's people to figure out the issue and fix it.

May 25
The latest art image and news on 5th War are up in our forums:

May 7
A new art pic, and a request for feedback on an idea we've had on how to proceed with strike craft rules here

April 22
Some more new art up, and still working with that little VB game I found. More info in the forums of course. here

April 14
Forgot to post the images of the mech art I dropped in the forums on April 7, heres the first of two:

and the second:

April 13
Been side tracked with a little indie game I found done in VB. Have been tryin to learn its built in world builder and event manager. I think that this could be modified for use in 5th war for story driven quests that dont really need a ton of combat.

March 30
Been tryin to finish off the strike craft rules....largely done for UAV, Aircraft, and Aero, but it breaks down when I try to include space only strike craft.

March 13th Update

Tyrranus Blog

March 13 2012

Mixed good and bad news this run....Our coder has left to work on a different project which, frankly, blows and sets us back enormously. We did get all the source code he's done to this point, which means once we find a new coder we don't have to restart all the work, but can continue forward.

In the mean time I've learned some new code so I can continue forward with designing the G.U.I. so that part will continue, and hopefully be ready when we do get a new coder.

Discussions in the forums on in game missions, and we've talked in IRC about engine types for air and space craft, what will and won't be available, and roughly how it will work.

The best news at this time, however, is that the 3D artist who was making our first in house mech, the Cougar, has returned to working on it with a vengeance! He's redesigning the whole chassis from the last time we've seen it. Initial pics in the forums and here.

Feb - Early March

Tyrranus Blog

March 3 2012
Have some new info and ideas posted to the forums including initial ideas behind aircraft/aerospace craft mechanics and 'offscreen' questing. Would really love some input in the forums :)

February 25 2012

Just found out that on Jan 13th we lost a good friend and great supporter of the genre JadedCat aka FastCat. Ive posted the information I recieved here
We'll miss her dearly and we offer our sincerest condolences to her partner Mardina Clark, and sons Nick and Mario.

February 22 2012
New screen shots of the v3 redesign of the GUI up in forums.

Unit Lab and Admin back end are coming along well.

February 14 2012

Hope everyone is having a grand little holiday! /sarcasm
5th War's Administrative back end is shaping up well, and work continues on the unit lab.
Many talks in IRC of late fleshing out how the 'empire builder' side of the game will operate functionally.
Work on the RPG mechanics has begun, with stats, skills, and traits determined as well as some rules on how they will interact with each other.

Feb 4 Update

Tyrranus Blog

Got my first look at some of the administrative back end, and the independant Unit Lab being made so users can create units outside the game client for use elsewhere.
I've bumped several stalled topics in the forums to try to get discussions restarted.
Artillery Missile has been named and its stats finalized, warhead stats finalized(except minefield), and Interception TNs for the ballistic and gauss artillery weapons have been added.

Once the Unit Lab is ready for use, I will be making an page for 5th War.

As always still looking for coders(VB .net and WPF) and both 2d and 3d artists to assist in development.Head on over to our forums here! Drop me a PM if you are interested in helping out.

Have added rules for Melee weapons, carried melee weapons and guns, as well as the C-RAM defense systems to the forums. Have begun setting up the on site WIKI and added the template for posting mech designs. Have only added one new mech there at this time but more are coming :D

Work has begun on our own unit designer, this will be stand alone software but will also end up incorporated into the client.

As always still looking for coders(VB .net and WPF) and both 2d and 3d artists to assist in development.

Head on over to our forums here! Drop me a PM if you are interested in helping out.

January Info/News

Tyrranus Blog

January 12 2012
The discussion on melee weapon rules is nearly over, I will soon be posting new mechs built with the rules posted in the relavent thread here.
I've also just posted a rough template for redesigning the G.U.I. and am looking for feedback on that. That discussion is here.

Still looking for coders(VB .net and WPF) and both 2d and 3d artists to assist in development.

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