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November 25 2012
Hope everyone that celebrated enjoyed their Thanksgiving, and that everyone survived Black Friday and the beginning of the Holidaze insanity.
Remember to spend a moment to consider those serving, from all countries, that cannot be home with family and friends while you are busy fighting someone for that toy/trinket/gift, and thank them for living through hell so you can.

In other news, our site is being slammed massively by spambot, so if you register with an odd username and/or email, make a post so we know you are a person and do not delete you.

November 12 2012
So its been over a month since a 5th War related update... WTF's goin on?
Head over to our forums and find out! :D

October 07 2012
V3xx3N has returned from the great beyond he disappeared into and is ready to help us once more!! He's already begun making some music samples!

October 05 2012
We have a new paying client that wants a website, giving us much needed cash for crazy things like bills, so website work has slowed again.
I have posted a new game mechanic idea for discussion in our forums. I like the way it works but wonder if it will slow down gameplay or if it will just not be desired.

September 20 2012
First of the old forum posts have begun appearing in the new forums :) Proper porting over was turning out to be a royal pita, so Yamiko is manually posting them.. This results in it looking like he is having a 1 man conversation with himself since the original poster's information is not maintained.

Having manually done this twice before I can tell you this is a tedious pita, and I can understand why he is not adding quote boxes with the original poster's name to every post.

September 16 2012
PURGE THEM WITH FIRE!!! A campaign of scorched earth has killed the malware, and boy was it impressive.
Had to copy all of our sites to local hard drives then purge the whole server.
Finishing up with the last details of reconstruction after that and getting back to the finishing touches for this site. :)

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