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June 25 2013
Our web host wants $70 to retrieve the domain in addition to the $15 to register it. Needless to say that aint happening atm. We will likely just use a subdomain on our account for the short term solution. Technically you can use that now but the forums do not care for it.

May 7 2013
Having one hell of a time getting a hold of Yamiko to get the site back up >.<

in the mean time enjoy a tiny update to the R-13B Cougar's concept art!

April 29 2013
oopse... Yamiko neglected to mention the url was up for renewal
Something about being worried he might need heart surgury.. Fortunately things turned out to be not that severe for him. But the domain name has expired. The site still exists but the links wont work for the moment.

Many apologies

January 9 2013
I think I did it!! I think Ive managed to block the vast bulk of spam bots from even making forum accounts!
Users will hate registerring probably, and again for their first post, but at least we're spam free :D
Added the 3D concept model for the R-13B Cougar to the forums, these used to be spread out in the old developer diary.

January 2 2013

BLEAAAAGH!! 8hr 15min worth of crap but its DONE!! About 99% of the old forum posts are now brought over, the ones not just dont apply. About 80% of the old Dev Diary was brought over... mostly highlight bits... I didnt bother with picture only posts, or defunct game mechanic posts, or rants etc

Even threads that already had posts in them are generally more filled out with posts so everything is worth looking at again. I also managed to credit most the original authors.

January 1 2013
Hope everyone had an enjoyable time during the holidaze and survived without major injury or incident!Well we kick off the new year with a bit of good news. The site's wiki has been updated with much of the old information, and I have the old forum information dump so I can finish porting old posts over to the new forums.Parts 2 and 3 of the "Shift in Perspective" fiction will be released soon, pure lazy settled in during the holidaze, I have no excuse.

December 14 2012
Our sincerest and deepest condolences to the victims of the horrible Connecticut shooting. For such a thing to happen to the young and innocent is among the worst crimes man can inflict upon man.

December 6 2012
Part 1 of a bit of in universe fiction released :) Hoping to release a bit of in universe fiction to help get the flow and feel of 5thWar out there and better understood.
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