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RSS June - September 11 Update

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September 11 2012
Got the google+ widget to work right and added, updated the site's news area and removed all the bad links in the news that pointed to the old site.

September 2-11 2012
We're dealing with some server malware bot that is altering the .htaccess files and causing all kinds of headaches for us.
Our host is being less than helpful on this issue.
Needless to say we're shifting efforts to kill this bot before continuing as we have several clients with sites on our server.

August 31 2012
Updated the look of the facebook group to reflect the new look of the site.

August 28 2012

New site shaping up, we have abandoned the Joomla platform due to security issues.

June 15-ish 2012

The site was hit by a php injection script that corrupted the site. No data was lost but the site was brought down for overhaul and security upgrades.

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