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June 17
Yes the site's down, for the last couple days. Waiting on hostmonster's people to figure out the issue and fix it.

May 25
The latest art image and news on 5th War are up in our forums:

May 7
A new art pic, and a request for feedback on an idea we've had on how to proceed with strike craft rules here

April 22
Some more new art up, and still working with that little VB game I found. More info in the forums of course. here

April 14
Forgot to post the images of the mech art I dropped in the forums on April 7, heres the first of two:

and the second:

April 13
Been side tracked with a little indie game I found done in VB. Have been tryin to learn its built in world builder and event manager. I think that this could be modified for use in 5th war for story driven quests that dont really need a ton of combat.

March 30
Been tryin to finish off the strike craft rules....largely done for UAV, Aircraft, and Aero, but it breaks down when I try to include space only strike craft.

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