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Did I leave you guys again?

Traslogan Blog

Hey folks, it has been a hell of a long time since I did anything on!

Well, I'll say it now, I'm sorry for leaving you all here without me, and I hope you will forgive my absence.

To make it up to you guys, I'd like to say that I'm working on a new game now and, although still in its early days (hence not on yet) I will be putting it up on the site soon hopefully!

When you see my new game pop up, tell your friends and make sure they watch the game and my profile on for all the info!

Arania - Patch 1.1

Traslogan Blog

Work continues on Arania - Forgotten Lands and I'm nearing the release of Alpha Patch V1.1, and that should be released by this tuesday.
Here is a list of new features that will be within the 1.1 release:

. Quest "The King's Mercenary" fully operational
. Port Skye Bank and Inn and Weaponshop all fully operational
. Boat will work on 'fresh water' (It's a lighter shade than the salt water sea)
. Location 'The Abandoned Tower' added - Ties in with Quest "The King's Mercenary"
. Enemies added: 'Bandit' and 'Bandit Leader'
. Sleeping at the Port Skye Inn will cost 25g and will recharge all of your stats and cure poison.
. Experience requirements for each level changed so that it will take longer to level up (1.0 was simply far too fast, and personally I could reach level 20 inside 30 minutes)
. Gold Rewards from creatures such as spiders and bats and rats will be reduced severely to tie in with the fact that they are weak and shouldn't really have that much money on them.

There will be a few other changes within V1.1 but the aim of this update was for the boat to work and get the basic starter quest finished.

V1.2 is gauranteed to have double the content that 1.1 is going to contain.

Arania - Forgotten Lands

Traslogan Blog

I really did forget about good old unfortunately. I wish I had remembered to blog...Sorry!
So much has happened in the last 6 months. I've gone from casual wurm addict to smalltime game developer...In my spare time of course.
I started on a project called "Arania - Forgotten Lands" the other week, and it's now my big hobby besides playing Wurm Online (and unreal tournament).

You can find out more on the new company page for Infinitus Designs on!

A day in the wurmian life of Tras (#3)

Traslogan Blog

Man you gotta love having an adventure-side to your wurm lifestyle...I'm back at yet another site for yet another village, and I still have no idea how long I'll last.

I'm kinda getting a reputation for the DIY-revival expert on Wurm now, so obviously they are aware of my movements.

Time to get cracking on another village: New Vagrant 3

A day in the wurmian life of Tras(#2)

Traslogan Blog

Seems that more villagers are leaving.
That'll teach me to count my eggs after the hatch, they all ran away! D:

Tbh it's a good fresh start though, lets me get on with the deed terraforming and lets me setup a bit more before I get more villagers in. I mean, it's not like no villagers will lower my sanity on wurm any further.

A day in the wurmian life of Tras

Traslogan Blog

Hey people. Traslogan here. I decided that long-term blogging wasn't working, I simply wasn't getting round to blogging with long-term, so I've decided that dozens of blogs here is a good thing for me.

From now on i'm gonna keep you guys updated with my wurm adventures.

I'll start off nice and simple:
in wurm I play on the independance server.
My name in-game is Traslogan.
I run the deed 'NorthSide Haven'.
And this blog is all about my days in wurm from this point onwards!

blog 1
NorthSide Haven is proving a big success. we've had a few villagers quit and about 3 times more have joined. gotta hate it when you're the mayor but your an anti-terraformer but you don't want froobs screwing up your landscapes...

Everyone seems to want a farm, they kinda go ''Screw my house! The farm life is the thing for me!''....So that's that the first issue i'm gonna have.

meanwhile being a staff member on wurm is stressful, hateful, tedious, and sadistically lovely as always.
as I type i'm trying to grind stupid masonry skill by improving this statue of a demon I made the other day....I hate trying to imp past my masonry skill, it's 99% fail and 1% 50/50 chance.

Wurm Online: The Story(Part 3)

Traslogan Blog

OK! Hopefully inside this 3rd edition of my story I should hit modern times.
Ok, so I spent some more time on Golden Valley server, then I moved into a nice little town called 'Vagrant'. It was a lovely town, with nice people who always lent a hand when they could. I thought i'd spend a long time in Vagrant, but a rather bad event happened: Due to Vagrant being rather high up in the hills, water was only accessable via underground water sources(aka wells and fountains), and Vagrant ran on 2 wells, but they eventually decayed and water ran scarcely low in Vagrant, causing everyone(including myself) to have to move out.

So,yeah, I hated the thought of missing Vagrant, such a sweet little town. So i went around in search of new villagers so I could re-establish Vagrant elsewhere. I ended up Running into a player called durr, we were both very keen to set up a village and we went hiking for a while to find a nice place where we could make a good village.
we eventually came across a spot with small lakes running around the land, so we setup there and we called our place 'New Vagrant'.
Quite a few people joined our village, and we grew very quickly into a bustling town.

Ok...gonna save all the crap lil' details and fast forward by about 4 more months(leading us to 6months away from September 2010).
New Vagrant is now a big village, with peopel commuting through for trade every day of the week and more and more land being used for our village. But then came along a few troublemakers, and someone stole their boat apparently, and our entire village got the blame for it! so these ideotic troublemakers decide to trash our entire village up, we lost players, houses, paths and roads, even our own boats were stolen.
So over the course of about 2 weeks all the villagers left. leaving just 3 of us:
and a guy named Cragos.

Cragos had been around New Vagrant the whole time, he lived on our outskirts but finally joined the village. he was a nice player, and we got on well.

After another few days Durr decided he couldnt stand our village get trashed anymore, especialyl since GM's wouldnt do anything about it apparently because the land isnt technically ours unless we build huge walls around it(though if we do that we get banned for trapping players. ideot GM's)

so Durr stopped playing wurm. for good. and me and cragos decided to leave the village behind and seek out a new home for ourselves.
And so we split up on our own seperate ways and 4 months went by.
(2months till september 2010 which will be modern day for when im blogging this)

Ok. so i'm living in a place called bottleneck bay now and cragos comes along and we are all happy to see each other and we chew the fat for a while. Then we decide ''Hell! why dont we go premium and Make New Vagrant 'again'!''.
Cragos sees this as a good idea and we embark on our journeys to Freedom.
Cragos left a bit earlier than me and ends up camping out in my old village of Silent Hill(oh the frigging irony!)

about 3 or 4 weeks later when im prepp'd and ready to go, i leave for freedom for the 2nd time in my wurmian life. I arrive there and bump into an old pal of mine from long ago named kyuuka. Kyuuka decided to follow me and cragos on our journey to remake New Vagrant.
After about 4 days of sailing around the server aimlessly we hit shores on the south side and decide to call the place home.
Now the final 2 month gap is spent making New Vagrant into a full-blown village on the freedom server. and Kyuuka leaves about halfway through due to a dispute over horses and who owns them.

Now! YIPPEEEE! we hit modern day september the 12th, 2010. New Vagrant is still under construction but all goes according to plan and we have 6 or 7 villagers now.

From now on my wurm posts will just be date-logged and will be about my times in wurm. I hope you have all enjoyed my 3part blog of surviving in wurm.
just remember one thing that a wise player once said:
''Wurm isn't about surviving in the wilderness. It's about starving in the wilderness and getting eaten by wolves.'' - famous words after a ressurection of a player.

Keep looking out for my frequent blogs people! :D

Wurm Online: The Story Continues

Traslogan Blog

It's been slightly over a year now since I arrived on the Freedom Isles on Wurm Online. A lot has happened since then.
For starters I no longer have any connection with Silent Hill, I got exiled for apparently being incompetent or something like that. So I returned to live on my own as dear old paterso. I survived about 2months on my own, I had no true idea where I was on the server, but I had all I needed, I had endless amounts of trees around me, I had my own farm and a nice little house with blue painted walls(but between readers and me it looks a bit purple to be honest). the scenery was nice, I had my own little sailing boat, and I had chats with every passerby, and frankly there were loads of them due to the highway about 5 minutes away from my cottage.
Now back to the story lol, after about 2 months or so, I managed to have a champion Troll problem outside my front gate(Note to readers: in wurm a troll is tough, and champion status on an animal/monster gives something like 50% more power to fighting skill and body strength.). so after about 4 or 5 hours I managed to successfully trap the champion troll into a small pen with stone walls around it.
Then the worst thing ever happened...
An Update....
The Troll could now break down small walls....
It broke through the pen...
and my garden...
then I logged in inside my garden....
5 minutes later...
I was dead...

I kind of went into a small ragequitting rampage after this, and I'm sure others would do the same after 3 years working with the same character on a game and developing all his skills just to get pawned by a champion troll and lose all your stuff(another note: in wurm your inventory contents are left on your corpse and after 24 hours anyone can take them).

So I left wurm for about a month or so, then I came back and couldnt be bothered to keep playing paterso cos I couldnt be bothered paying £10 to play an account with nothing. So I decided to go onto the 'Newbie' server called Golden Valley which was free to play(but with 20.00 skill cap on all skills).
Upon the first time of logging in, I logged into a place called 'First Light', all that was around me was a few gaurds and about 20 players digging dirt and packing grass tiles...It was essentially heaven for noobs. Now I had discovered the GV(short for Golden Valley) server a while ago when I got an alt account and went hiking around it to see what it looked like, but it had changed severely since I had last seen it.
So, naturally, I looked for a village immediately, I looked for signs to tell me where the nearest good village was, and I ended up finding a place called Scorpion Stone(SS for short, as almost anything will be abbreviated in wurm, I sware, they will abbreviate 'lol' one day.)

I met a player named Strawberry at Scorpion Stone, who appeared to be quite serious about things but still quite nice. So after 5 minutes of chit-chat I got a 'little 30 minute-long' tour around SS, then I got showed to where my new house would be, I got told I could stay in SS and use the smithy and cooking house as long as I repaired my house when it got damaged(due to overtime decay).
I agreed.

so I got to know everyone around Scorpion Stone and I got all my skills up.
except one skill...
Sm...Smi...Smithing(note how hard it is for me to type it).
Smithing was practically impossible to get up somehow, it seemed to be failing on me everytime, it took less than 10 minutes and I was Trolling about it to my local chat.

Ok, now my timeline is advancing(PROGRESS! HAAAAAAAALEJUJA!) and we are at about 4months after I moved onto freedom(the end of my previous blog). So I think I'll leave the rest of the Year for my next Blog cos my fingers are killing me.
Keep reading the blogs and make sure you're tracking my progress on wurm people!

[End of Wurm Online: Part 2]
[Please. Check. Back. Soon. For. The. Next. Installment.]

Wurm Online: The Fall Of Jenn Kellon And Me

Traslogan Blog

Well people, it isnt exactly a totally sad story but i must share it with you, about half a year ago, i lived on the Jenn Kellon Server on Wurm Online, I lived in the village Silent Hill( or SH for short, as i will now say). I led a happy, Simple life there, i had my own farm, my livestock, we had a lake, docks, and most important of all, the village was on a Mesa, safe of attacks, if we were under attack, we simply dug under the mesa entrance which made it fall down, then we climbed back up to SH and locked the palisade doors. The lands around the Mesa of SH was full of wildlife, we had Pigs, Cows, Hens,Roosters, Deer, and then we had some monsters on the side hehe :) . But after I had lived in the mesa for a somewhat 2 years, the creator of Wurm Online, a guy named rolf, announced our server was going down, we had 1 month to get out of there, most of us ran to the wild server in shock, some of us waited for the freedom server to open up. I personally went to the wild with some friends, but after a while i hopped on along to the freedom server, and at around the same time, the Jenn Kellon server shut down, for good.....

Meanwhile on the freedom server, i ran into some old mates such as stalk, eliasthecrimson, aeris,tombat, balder, Traslo and Bloodrage. Silent Hill is being remade on Freedom, and I'm in for the count again! Hopefully this time I'll get more out of it lol.

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