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It's been slightly over a year now since I arrived on the Freedom Isles on Wurm Online. A lot has happened since then.
For starters I no longer have any connection with Silent Hill, I got exiled for apparently being incompetent or something like that. So I returned to live on my own as dear old paterso. I survived about 2months on my own, I had no true idea where I was on the server, but I had all I needed, I had endless amounts of trees around me, I had my own farm and a nice little house with blue painted walls(but between readers and me it looks a bit purple to be honest). the scenery was nice, I had my own little sailing boat, and I had chats with every passerby, and frankly there were loads of them due to the highway about 5 minutes away from my cottage.
Now back to the story lol, after about 2 months or so, I managed to have a champion Troll problem outside my front gate(Note to readers: in wurm a troll is tough, and champion status on an animal/monster gives something like 50% more power to fighting skill and body strength.). so after about 4 or 5 hours I managed to successfully trap the champion troll into a small pen with stone walls around it.
Then the worst thing ever happened...
An Update....
The Troll could now break down small walls....
It broke through the pen...
and my garden...
then I logged in inside my garden....
5 minutes later...
I was dead...

I kind of went into a small ragequitting rampage after this, and I'm sure others would do the same after 3 years working with the same character on a game and developing all his skills just to get pawned by a champion troll and lose all your stuff(another note: in wurm your inventory contents are left on your corpse and after 24 hours anyone can take them).

So I left wurm for about a month or so, then I came back and couldnt be bothered to keep playing paterso cos I couldnt be bothered paying £10 to play an account with nothing. So I decided to go onto the 'Newbie' server called Golden Valley which was free to play(but with 20.00 skill cap on all skills).
Upon the first time of logging in, I logged into a place called 'First Light', all that was around me was a few gaurds and about 20 players digging dirt and packing grass tiles...It was essentially heaven for noobs. Now I had discovered the GV(short for Golden Valley) server a while ago when I got an alt account and went hiking around it to see what it looked like, but it had changed severely since I had last seen it.
So, naturally, I looked for a village immediately, I looked for signs to tell me where the nearest good village was, and I ended up finding a place called Scorpion Stone(SS for short, as almost anything will be abbreviated in wurm, I sware, they will abbreviate 'lol' one day.)

I met a player named Strawberry at Scorpion Stone, who appeared to be quite serious about things but still quite nice. So after 5 minutes of chit-chat I got a 'little 30 minute-long' tour around SS, then I got showed to where my new house would be, I got told I could stay in SS and use the smithy and cooking house as long as I repaired my house when it got damaged(due to overtime decay).
I agreed.

so I got to know everyone around Scorpion Stone and I got all my skills up.
except one skill...
Sm...Smi...Smithing(note how hard it is for me to type it).
Smithing was practically impossible to get up somehow, it seemed to be failing on me everytime, it took less than 10 minutes and I was Trolling about it to my local chat.

Ok, now my timeline is advancing(PROGRESS! HAAAAAAAALEJUJA!) and we are at about 4months after I moved onto freedom(the end of my previous blog). So I think I'll leave the rest of the Year for my next Blog cos my fingers are killing me.
Keep reading the blogs and make sure you're tracking my progress on wurm people!

[End of Wurm Online: Part 2]
[Please. Check. Back. Soon. For. The. Next. Installment.]

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