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Well people, it isnt exactly a totally sad story but i must share it with you, about half a year ago, i lived on the Jenn Kellon Server on Wurm Online, I lived in the village Silent Hill( or SH for short, as i will now say). I led a happy, Simple life there, i had my own farm, my livestock, we had a lake, docks, and most important of all, the village was on a Mesa, safe of attacks, if we were under attack, we simply dug under the mesa entrance which made it fall down, then we climbed back up to SH and locked the palisade doors. The lands around the Mesa of SH was full of wildlife, we had Pigs, Cows, Hens,Roosters, Deer, and then we had some monsters on the side hehe :) . But after I had lived in the mesa for a somewhat 2 years, the creator of Wurm Online, a guy named rolf, announced our server was going down, we had 1 month to get out of there, most of us ran to the wild server in shock, some of us waited for the freedom server to open up. I personally went to the wild with some friends, but after a while i hopped on along to the freedom server, and at around the same time, the Jenn Kellon server shut down, for good.....

Meanwhile on the freedom server, i ran into some old mates such as stalk, eliasthecrimson, aeris,tombat, balder, Traslo and Bloodrage. Silent Hill is being remade on Freedom, and I'm in for the count again! Hopefully this time I'll get more out of it lol.

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