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Hey people. Traslogan here. I decided that long-term blogging wasn't working, I simply wasn't getting round to blogging with long-term, so I've decided that dozens of blogs here is a good thing for me.

From now on i'm gonna keep you guys updated with my wurm adventures.

I'll start off nice and simple:
in wurm I play on the independance server.
My name in-game is Traslogan.
I run the deed 'NorthSide Haven'.
And this blog is all about my days in wurm from this point onwards!

blog 1
NorthSide Haven is proving a big success. we've had a few villagers quit and about 3 times more have joined. gotta hate it when you're the mayor but your an anti-terraformer but you don't want froobs screwing up your landscapes...

Everyone seems to want a farm, they kinda go ''Screw my house! The farm life is the thing for me!''....So that's that the first issue i'm gonna have.

meanwhile being a staff member on wurm is stressful, hateful, tedious, and sadistically lovely as always.
as I type i'm trying to grind stupid masonry skill by improving this statue of a demon I made the other day....I hate trying to imp past my masonry skill, it's 99% fail and 1% 50/50 chance.

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