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OK! Hopefully inside this 3rd edition of my story I should hit modern times.
Ok, so I spent some more time on Golden Valley server, then I moved into a nice little town called 'Vagrant'. It was a lovely town, with nice people who always lent a hand when they could. I thought i'd spend a long time in Vagrant, but a rather bad event happened: Due to Vagrant being rather high up in the hills, water was only accessable via underground water sources(aka wells and fountains), and Vagrant ran on 2 wells, but they eventually decayed and water ran scarcely low in Vagrant, causing everyone(including myself) to have to move out.

So,yeah, I hated the thought of missing Vagrant, such a sweet little town. So i went around in search of new villagers so I could re-establish Vagrant elsewhere. I ended up Running into a player called durr, we were both very keen to set up a village and we went hiking for a while to find a nice place where we could make a good village.
we eventually came across a spot with small lakes running around the land, so we setup there and we called our place 'New Vagrant'.
Quite a few people joined our village, and we grew very quickly into a bustling town.

Ok...gonna save all the crap lil' details and fast forward by about 4 more months(leading us to 6months away from September 2010).
New Vagrant is now a big village, with peopel commuting through for trade every day of the week and more and more land being used for our village. But then came along a few troublemakers, and someone stole their boat apparently, and our entire village got the blame for it! so these ideotic troublemakers decide to trash our entire village up, we lost players, houses, paths and roads, even our own boats were stolen.
So over the course of about 2 weeks all the villagers left. leaving just 3 of us:
and a guy named Cragos.

Cragos had been around New Vagrant the whole time, he lived on our outskirts but finally joined the village. he was a nice player, and we got on well.

After another few days Durr decided he couldnt stand our village get trashed anymore, especialyl since GM's wouldnt do anything about it apparently because the land isnt technically ours unless we build huge walls around it(though if we do that we get banned for trapping players. ideot GM's)

so Durr stopped playing wurm. for good. and me and cragos decided to leave the village behind and seek out a new home for ourselves.
And so we split up on our own seperate ways and 4 months went by.
(2months till september 2010 which will be modern day for when im blogging this)

Ok. so i'm living in a place called bottleneck bay now and cragos comes along and we are all happy to see each other and we chew the fat for a while. Then we decide ''Hell! why dont we go premium and Make New Vagrant 'again'!''.
Cragos sees this as a good idea and we embark on our journeys to Freedom.
Cragos left a bit earlier than me and ends up camping out in my old village of Silent Hill(oh the frigging irony!)

about 3 or 4 weeks later when im prepp'd and ready to go, i leave for freedom for the 2nd time in my wurmian life. I arrive there and bump into an old pal of mine from long ago named kyuuka. Kyuuka decided to follow me and cragos on our journey to remake New Vagrant.
After about 4 days of sailing around the server aimlessly we hit shores on the south side and decide to call the place home.
Now the final 2 month gap is spent making New Vagrant into a full-blown village on the freedom server. and Kyuuka leaves about halfway through due to a dispute over horses and who owns them.

Now! YIPPEEEE! we hit modern day september the 12th, 2010. New Vagrant is still under construction but all goes according to plan and we have 6 or 7 villagers now.

From now on my wurm posts will just be date-logged and will be about my times in wurm. I hope you have all enjoyed my 3part blog of surviving in wurm.
just remember one thing that a wise player once said:
''Wurm isn't about surviving in the wilderness. It's about starving in the wilderness and getting eaten by wolves.'' - famous words after a ressurection of a player.

Keep looking out for my frequent blogs people! :D

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