I am a composer, sound designer, hardware designer and programmer who is enthusiastic about gaming and game mods. I feel like gaming is the future of multimedia entertainment and the storytelling of today. I am especially interested in generative music and interactive music, that further immerses the user in the virtual world. I have built robots that compose music, data-driven algorithmic music, forward thinking electronica track, full symphonic works, multiple chamber works and have played in and composed for award-winning electro acoustic ensembles. You can read my blog www.simiansblog.com

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Chiptunes and Javascript

the_simian Blog

I don't update my profile here very often, but I recently worked on a small thing that I figured those who listen to my music might like. Its just a very short animated intro and chiptunes track I made for a Usergroup I run in my city.


the_simian Blog

In case anyone stops by, I should mention I've been super busy working on Scintilla. I've written about 8 pieces for it, and its shaping up to be good. I spent all weekend working on various sounds effects and environments for Scintilla.

In my own life I've been experimenting with the Unity 3d engine, and modelling in blender as well.

You can see one of my experiments: a windmil.

If you want more, Scintila was recently updated with a screenshot of a caves area we are working on:

Podcast 17's new intro

the_simian Blog 1 comment

I made a new introduction for podcast 17. They are undergoing a lot of changes, and one of them was the inclusion of a new show introduction I was pleased to write for them.

I hope you enjoy it!!

major soundtrack release (and more)

the_simian Blog 1 comment

I am glad to finally close the book on Flesh, and couldn't be happier by ending my time working on flesh with a solid soundtrack release.


I've been fortunate, as my work has been incredibly well supported by the community, and a number of you I am very lucky to know. This soundtrack has also been featured on planet halflife and is generally receiving good feedback from those who listen.

Looking ahead, I am happy to be working on Visage, and have completed a short piece called "Fog and Blur" already. I also have done a little track for Project Kursed as well.

I can't wait to see what the future brings. I promise to deliver more music, mroe websites and more content overall.

Thank you all! This has been great!

Podcast 17

the_simian Blog 4 comments

I'll be on Podcast 17 this morning


you can hear the live show here

Hope you check it out! We will be discussing Flesh. I'll be on with Henri, the team lead. I am greatly looking forward to it.

Flesh is out!

the_simian Blog 3 comments

Its been out for a little over a week, but I though I'd mention it on my page as well.

I am talking about Flesh, and it was even recently covered on Podcast 17! (rad!) There is even a chance I might be involved in the podcast next Sunday.

I also posted a new track:

this is called "Burning Flesh". I hope you all like it.

New work up at flesh!

the_simian Blog

The move went great, and now i am focusing my energies on some fo the composition projects I had set out to complete. one, that I am very happy with is flesh.

I uploaded some media today.

Ancient Flesh


Heathers Theme

Hope you all like it!

Still relocating

the_simian Blog

I have been not-so-present in a lot of projects and community threads. If you know me..then you know why. I have been undergoing a move that will allow me to get a great deal of work done by nearly tripling my studio space!

I just booted up my PC today for the first time in nearly a week, and I am working hard and fast to get the mac up and running (my audio computer).

That is all, just an update to anyone whose been trying to contact me , or expecting work!

A new article (VST to AU Wrapper)

the_simian Blog 1 comment

I was recently approached by a community leader for a musicians group at MODDB and was asked to contribute to the community's knowledge base. I was greatly honored and have even written my first article that you can access here. I discussed the use of a VST to AU wrapper to unlock hidden potential in your workstation. I greatly appreciate comments and discussion!