I am a composer, sound designer, hardware designer and programmer who is enthusiastic about gaming and game mods. I feel like gaming is the future of multimedia entertainment and the storytelling of today. I am especially interested in generative music and interactive music, that further immerses the user in the virtual world. I have built robots that compose music, data-driven algorithmic music, forward thinking electronica track, full symphonic works, multiple chamber works and have played in and composed for award-winning electro acoustic ensembles. You can read my blog www.simiansblog.com

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In case anyone stops by, I should mention I've been super busy working on Scintilla. I've written about 8 pieces for it, and its shaping up to be good. I spent all weekend working on various sounds effects and environments for Scintilla.

In my own life I've been experimenting with the Unity 3d engine, and modelling in blender as well.

You can see one of my experiments: a windmil.

If you want more, Scintila was recently updated with a screenshot of a caves area we are working on:

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