The standalone version of the popular Crysis singleplayer modification Wreckage is available for download. Wreckage offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete dubbing and Crysis-level graphics. Developed by the team who brought you "Rainy Days".

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One of those best Crysis single player mods. This will take to an awesome, breathtaking experience and adventure. This is a must have for Crysis fans and action lovers.


Legen.... wait for it... daaary!


Reborn:X says

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Simply magnificant.

Although Act I wasn't that unique and IMO, was a normal "kill-anyone" mission, Act II and III really showed WRECKAGE's gameplay.

I was stricken and very impressed on how this changed Crysis from a benchmark graphic testing demo to a real action game on par with such classical titles as CoD or MoH. Creating those maps, setting up scripts and triggers along with voice acting must have a been a very tiring work indeed.

The best two things is this standalone game were the suprising element of realism between the relations of officers and Marines and the dialogues. The story itself was a bit confusing for me at the start but near the end I realized how selfish the main heroes purpose was. The fact that the two commanders are pretty much acting on their own and the Marine force is being besieged and overwhelmed by the KPA also added to the game's originality. Something that is sadly rare in today's games. It's sadly uncommon to see scenes of infighting and personal agenda between soldiers and even rarer to see scenes where the USA is losing a battle.

WRECKAGE IMHO, has one of the most interesting and unique stories which is lacking in today's gaming industry. Saying this, I hope the WRECKAGE's dev team will someday create another fantastic title.

The only "bad parts" of the game that I've noticed is the appearance of small collision and control bugs during both helicopter rides and the final Korean jeep ride. One game breaking error to me was near the end when to chopper crashes and the game fails to change the weapon from the mounted MG to the rifle. This makes it impossible to change any weapons and basiclly forces you to be a walking Blackhawk. The last major bug was when everyone is preparing to enter the jeep and Jackson seems to always mount the MG even thought Major is saying to have Captain manning it.

Ending this long review I hope you guys will try to make another mod like this, only with the Korean perspective.


MahtXL says

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This is the best MOD ive ever played, These guys are offering something unparalleled for the PC. I played for 10 minutes and got hooked, i am determined to beat this. Great job on the translation to English and thank you guys for doing so. Helicopter intro was great, and the ground action after was perfectly balanced, not to many enemies where im overwhelmed, and not so little that im bored. If your on the fence about this, GET OFF THE DAMN FENCE AND CLICK DOWNLOAD ALREADY.

This mod is amazing A+


I'm too amazed to say anything :o


Great mod, professional quality.

Wreckage is one of the greatest, most fleshed out Crysis mods to ever see the light of day. It's true AAA quality stuff. It packs in a whole new story, excellent mapping, and enough crazy set pieces to make Call of Duty and Battlefield blush. Unfortunately, it suffers some design issues that force me to not give it a perfect 10. There's a portion of the game where a Marine will follow you around. He has zero sense of personal space, and the instant you stop moving, he'll be right at your heels, blocking your movement and sometimes preventing you from being able to shoot at enemies, thanks to Crysis' friendly fire lock with an absurd dead zone. Mapping is also painfully linear for a Crysis mod, and ammo caches are hidden as out of the way as humanly possible, though only they will contain the ordinance necessary to move on in the mission. Wreckage tries to be explosive and adrenalin packed, but there are too many "defend this site until a tank shows up that you have to destroy" moments that boil down to an exercise in tedium. Voice acting is also a tad weak, especially from the main supporting character, but damn, they put in so much voice acting, I can forgive a slightly half hearted performance. I can't even understand German anyhow.


Awesome mod, with intense action great stuff like black hawks
and very impressive scenery. The story is pretty good also and the voice acting nicely done.

Great mod


I was able to play the Stand-Alone and it was awsome. Although the turret aspect of certain parts in missions and the shortness of the mod, it still had a great deal of thought and programming for each event and objective throughout the game. Personally, a longer story or a "Aftermath" of this mod, which should be longer, would exceed expectations. Gameplay and Cutscenes are alright, the only thing that was a bit on the down side is the length of the mod. The use of the UMP, a custom weapon addition, and the M110 Sniper Rifle, adds some uniqueness to the game itself. I would love to see a longer, more custom weapons, and ideal addition from these guys. Chrjs and the Dev Team, he works with, has very good reputation for making such mods as Rainy Days and Wreakage. I would be even more impressed if they made a lengthy mod with more gameplay time and, like always, a good storyline, which they have that down. All in all, 10/10 for this mod.

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One of those best Crysis single player mods. This will take to an awesome, breathtaking experience and adventure. This is a must have for Crysis fans and action lovers.

Dec 22 2011 by FallenĀ Angel