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Action Alien

Game review

I was honored to beta test this game while it was developed, so i didn't pay for the game. But i have to say, this really doesn't color my review in any way because i really do like this game. Specially as game dev myself i like it that it was made by one man only, which is really special. The game in itself is very amusing, i like games like these with tons of enemies, weapons and ammo were you can keep shooting for hours. And for the prize of 4 dollar its really a whole lot of fun for little money. So, that is why i give it a 10. And Devdan who made the game keeps updating it over time, something which most developers really don't do. Some even don't fix bugs, not Devdan, he keeps polishing it and only for that he already deserves a 10 in my book!



Lunar Descent

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

Great mod, loved all the custom textures and models!
I am not a real fan of story driven games, mods etc so there were quit a few parts, specially in the beginning that felt a bit dull to me. But that is just my personal opinion. Also was it sometimes hard to follow the full story completely because i couldn't hear it all to well. But that was not a real problem to me. That said, there were a few issues with it that i would like to mention. Again, most are probably my personal opinions;
-outdoor, fog looks a bit odd because there is no fog in skybox. would take fog out all together because the maps are not that big that it is needed out of renedering issues as far as i can see.
-at some places a large metal gate is blocking the way (road), but at some points you could walk past these gates, there is enough room there. Still, a inviseble brush blocks the way. Would be better to add something there so it also look as if you can;t get past the gates.`
-map c8 lunar square, the parts were the boms explode when your not in time disabling them are not really fair. Specially the part were you need to disable the bomb in the church building is not fair. Because you have to kill about 10 enemies that run out of the church in just 20 secs or so and disable the bomb. I tried at least 9 times and then i used god mode to get to the bomb in time.
-the bomb after the one in the church is even more unfair, it drove me really insane in a not good way. First i tried to find it about 10 times, i did hear it but could find it. Had to no clip to understand that it was not at the first floor on the left side in the first building but around 3 corners further down the street, were i had to kill i believe 3 groups of enemies. It took me about 15 times to succeed and i didn't use god mode simply because i wanted to see if it could be done. And, it can! But only when you run all the way and each shot kills a enemie, and you have to know EXACTLY were the bomb is. All in all i can only say that these parts are very unfair to the player and i am quit sure that most if not all players only experiece these parts as very unfair and very, very frustrating. As mapper myself i do understand why you made these parts as they are but as gamer i have to tell you that there simply no fun. Again, as mapper i do but as player i don't. Sorry.

After i wrote the part above i did read all the other comments here and it seems i am the only one who thinks this way so probably i am the only one who thinks so. Still, i am a very experienced player and love hard gameplay. Maybe it has to do with how i played the bomb parts. At first i did get killed a few times because the bombs went off. So then i started to run and shoot my way through them which was very hard and frustrating. Maybe you did place more then one triggers along the road which makes that you don't need to run but get a particular amount of time to kill each group of enemies. When i thought that the counter starts to count as soon as you have disabled the bomb before the one you start to do.
Liked the part in the final level with the woman although this was also very hard to complete and quit frustrating to me. But again, that is probably just personal. I love hard gameplay but hate enemies that you have to hit a not realistic amount of times to get rid of them. Again, it has probably all to do with personal taste. All in all it was a very enjoyeble experience and the overall mapping, modeling, texturing and animation was awesome.
Very well done!

All in all i give it a 8/10 because the art work is so very well done, as is the whole setup of the mod. I can't give it a 10 because of the enemie attacks not being very fair in my eyes as described above.



The First Encounter Bogus Detour Edition Beta

Early access mod review

Hi have played your modding contest entry and it was great fun!
Although it is clear that your favorite gun is the shotgun because for
that there was enough ammo around. But hardly any of the other weapons were used in this mod, or they were but then there was no ammo around. I think it is best to offer all weapons to the player, with enough ammo so he can use his personal favorite weapon. In some places it was simply to hard, specially at the end of level 4 i did die so many times that i had to stop playing. other then that, great fun!
thanks for the time and effort you did put in to this, i know how much it takes because i to made a mod, lol.



Fast Detect 2

Mod review - 10 agree

Let me start with saying that i know what it is to make a mod alone. And that for years. I just released myself a mod which i worked on for 5+ years, as some of you maybe know. I have been following this mod for severel years and the screens and videos did show great stuff. So i expected quit a lot of this mod. Ofcourse are the screens and videos always much better as the mod itself, because it does show the best parts. But, now that i have played the full mod, took about 6 hours. I am very disapointed because there are so many issues with it that it shouldn't be released like this. I have made a list of issues below;
Still, i do admire his time and effort that he did put in to this. But overall the quality is very different, some parts are really very well made. Others look and feel like they were put together in a few hours.
So, all in all i give this one a 5 out of 10. I could play it on my GTC960, 8 core computer, but still had quit a lot of fps losses and crashes. So i assume many people will not be able to play it at all.

-i love open worlds but map 1 is a bit to much in that way that as player i didn't know
were i needed to go.
-I encountered two buttons from which i didn't know what they did.
-there are some glass windows that alow you and combines to jump and shoot through.
-some textures are very nice but others are scaled up which makes them kind of uggly to
see up close.
-did encounter quit a lot of crashes while i saved manually, did miss quit a few auto saves
which made that i had to start all over again earlier in the level. When you find for instance
a new weapon it would be best to place a autosave trigger there, in my opinion.
-sequence of activating the portal is very confusing. You need to push 2 buttons, but its not
clear what they do and in which sequence you need to activate them. Took me quit some
time and walking around severel times through the entire level to figger this out. And it didn't
help when i finally reached the working portal and it broke down which made me have to
remember and go back to those same buttons to activate it again.
-did like the idea of level2, but the layout was way to big, all that walking back and forth to
just get ammo and health. And the fps were awefull in some places.
-level3 also awefull fps, and many enemies can be killed from far away while they just stand there.
-i like the idea of taking the weapons away of the player in particular cases, but do to this with
a text on screen that says; i cast away my weapons and go on quietly???
-large inviseble wall in a tunnel, small inviseble walls were it is not sure if a player could get to
the other side or not are ok. But to block a whole tunnel with one is a no no, when you ask me.
-right after start of map P5L1 the player needs to open a electric fence, but he doesn't have his
physcannon, even when it was given to him earlier. So i used the cheat command to get it.
-and in one level the player had new footstep sounds it seems, although they give running sound
when you walk, and walksound when you run. Quit confusing because i thought i was music or
map sound, or, someone following me.
-the map before P6L1 had a button that opend a door at the other end of the map it seemed, took
me at least a half hour to see that suddenly that door there was opened. Am not even sure if i
opened it with that button.
-map P6L3 started with a "AI_Diabled".
Had to restart manually map P6L3, after restarting game, but then i noticed i lost all my weapons,
health and suit. Which means this or all levels don't have a playerstart with weapons etc. Which is
best to do in the future, because sometimes people want to play manually just one particular map.
-and P6L3 had doors which were just door models placed against a wall, without door doorpost
or anything. I understand why the mapper did this, but it is very lazy mapping when i may say so.
And when it was just one door, but there were at least 10 to 15 of them made like that. really odd!
-missing textures, in some levels there is one or two textures missing, same with a ammo model.
-map P7L3 has large holes in the ground were you can fall/walk in but can't get out.



Hopeless Night

Mod review

the mod is put well together and the mapping is decent.
Still, the zombie is so dull to have as a enemie these days in HL2 and then to think of that the zombie is the only enemie in this mod does make me think twice. I kept playing although after the 300th zombie, that needed to be killed with a melee weapon i strated to get quit bored. And the whole end, with having to look for keys in apartments, that was really anoying, all the backtracking. And it didn't make sence, why did i need to go go apartment 307, to look for a key of apartment 203, to find there a key for aparment 304, etc etc etc. It really didn't make sence, and was very frustrating. I really wanted it to end by then.
So, the mapping was decent, but the whole game play was boring.
sorry, but i really can't make anything else of it.



The Gate 2

Mod review

There is a lot wrong and not working well in this mod.
Specially at the start of the mod it crashed all the time,
it was that this made me want to play it for some odd reason
otherwise i would have stopped playing it.
The list is to long with issues that made it no fun to play
beside the crashes and i have to agree with what someone else
here said, that it looked like how much the maker could put in
to this mod with assets from other mods and games.
A lot of times models or npc's simply didn't make sence.
And, i love hard gameplay, but a lot of maps were so difficult
that is was insane. In the end i just played with god mode on
about half of the time, till the crashes again. Had a lot of
work to stop it then with ctrl+alt+del/. For some odd reason
i couldn't get out of the mod then. When i started it after that
again the mod crashed righ away and this stayed.
First i thought, i will reinstall it and play on with the old
saves. But then i thought, why bother?

It is clear that the maker did put in a whole lot of time and
effort. But, it felt to me like it was all over the place,
story wise, texture wise, model wise, npc wise. A lot of times
i didn't even know what to do, i couldn't hear what was said
most of the times because important dialogues were said right
in the middle of action. So i had to back track and check all
corners again, just to find a door open that was closed before.
So, sorry, but i really couldn't give more as a 4 our of 10.

When this was your first mod i would think it as ok.
But you clearly have experience now with modding and mapping,
that makes this a bad mod then.




Mod review - 7 agree - 2 disagree

It really amazes me that so many people give this mod a 8 to 10, i really can't give more then a 5/10.

I noticed quit a few errors, missing models, textures, sounds and scripts, (that is what the console said at least).

Then, the level layout was sometimes really good and in other places a real mess, sorry but i simply can't say it better. It really looked like the mapper really liked mapping on the first levels, but the further he went in to the project the worst the levels looked. Specially in the last few levels there were many rooms and hallways that simply had 1 texture, for floor, walls and ceiling!! And these places were filled with as it looked random placed models.
The back tracking was awfull, every puzzel i had to walk around and around, simply to see if there was a door opend somewere. Most puzzels didn't make sence anyway. And some didn't work. There were rooms filled with ammo and weapons, that i only could find after noclipping. Why these rooms were there was a real mistery to me, because the player couldn't get in there. At the end the mod crashed and i had to restarted my pc through the on/off button!!

So, all in all i think a 5 is even a bit high for this one.
What did surprice me most is that it seems that this one was already released 2 years ago or so. ANd now the mapper did go over all levels and fixed a lot of stuff. Does me wonder how they looked then back 2 years ago.

So, sorry. I do see you did put in a lot of time in some places. But in the same amount of places it really looked like you tried to get this one as quit released as possible.

a fellow mapper/modder,



Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

let me start saying that i loved to play this first part of Triage!

that said, there are quit some issues that i would like to address to you;

-in at least 2 maps i could get to places were i could see the skybox.
-in map i could see combines spawn right in front of me at least 10 times.
-sometimes crouching and walking was odd and strange, didn't feel right.
-in map2a the shadows were really ugly on some of the npc faces.
-and the streets were really poorly build, very empty and blocky. they
really felt like they were build in a rush, at least they clearly showed that there wasn't spent much time on them. And it did get worse the further i did get in this part 1. in one place i even could see a skybox building model right in front of me, they are very low texture and model quality because they are build to not look up close to. but this one was one meter in front of me.
-In some places models were badly clipped as ramp.
-there as no flashlight, what is ok, but some places were to dark.
-the suit was missing, what is ok, but no HUD is quit odd .

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all negative for sure. because overall i really did play this with great fun and enthusiasm!! For instance did i love the blood particles, and the puffs of smoke when a bullet hits the walls! And the use of color correction was really well done! Not to forget the Max Payne effect i call it, that when a combine died h!


Silent Escape

Game review - 3 agree

Pro Bones, thanks for this great mod.
it is really one of the better ones! i loved the firefights, nicely pased and hard, (but not TO hard for those who don't like challenging firefights!).
there were some small issues, for instance a ladder that did get stuck and didn't fall so i could climb up it, but after shooting at it it did fall anyway. the mapping was in some cases a bit blend, but never bad or dull. and the models that are added to this mod are insanely well made, really great work!!

all in all, i give this mod a 8/10!
and that is very high for me.

thanks, and you will have worked like crazy to get this one done in one year!!

a fellow mapper/modder,


Lost Under The Snow

Mod review

thanks for this mod, it is quit large and it quit fun to play in most parts. i love all the new textures and weapons with there animations. really well done, also the sounds are great. although some are sometimes a bit strange (for instance picking up the SMG1 ammo does sound a bit like water).

the mapping is a bit less sometimes, it is clearly that you are foremost a modeler and texture artist and then a mapper. but no problem!

i did play on till probebly the last map, the large outdoor map with the small wooden buildings. there i suddenly did notice a lot of errors, many models did float, for instance tall trees and fences. really a shame, also did the frames drop like crazy here, not a mystery because there are loads of physics models in this map that does that to your fps. also did it cause the AI_disabled bug here, and finally the map crashed all together on me, a real shame because until this point i really did enjoy playing this map.
you really should look in to this last map at least, and probebly you should look in to how to make and use portals and place them in other maps to, because there where a few other maps that had some serious fps problems, (and i have a nice high end computer, so i should play maps without any problems at all.)

because of this i still would like to give it a 6/10.
better polished would make me give it for sure a 7,5/10!!


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