Alien Armageddon is a mod for Duke Nukem 3D which adds many new high quality enemies, sexy NPCs, and a second playable character, all featured in an epic new adventure. Some of the community's best talent have come together to make this amazing free expansion.

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Addictive, fun, and simply an awesome mod.

A great retro experience that expands upon the base gameplay formula without going too far off.

The co-op AI is well implemented and fun (as well as nearly optional for those who don't want it), and Bombshell is a simplistic yet incredibly enjoyable character through her voice lines and original arsenal.

With very few exceptions the level design stays on par with the quality of the mod, offering some interesting underwater levels and many new enemies featuring advanced mechanics that crank up the combat. The new weapons feel and look great, and the sprite work is top notch.

10/10, every Duke fan should play this ASAP

Speechless, whenever I think you can't do better than last time, you prove me wrong


In Alien Armageddon you will find a great set of new maps, art and enemies made by the best people the Duke Nukem 3D modding scene has to offer. Trust me, you don't want to miss this thing.

The more unique thing about Alien Armageddon is the inclusion of a co-op AI buddy mode. You can also switch between Duke Nukem and Bombshell on the fly.


just play it

Wonderful mod.
But while playing it i was so missing features from this
If only these two mods could be spliced toghter!


warif says

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Cool Mod. What else to say.

This mod is bitchin'

One of the most ambitious Duke Nukem 3D mod i've ever seen.
The new episode is well designed looks nice. Can't wait for the sequel.

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