I enjoy playing and reviewing Half Life 2 mods. I also enjoy playing guitar, some drawing, and some writing. Very recently, I started posting "overviews of various half lfie 2 modifications. They are meant to be personal accounts of what I felt about the game. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but If you want to read a descriptive essay on popular modifications, you have come to the right place.

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Research and Development Overview

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Here's the webpage. Click.

Research and Development is a single player Ep2 modification that purely focuses on puzzle solving and riddles. Not to say that there is absolutely no sense of danger; because there's plenty of it in this mod. Despite being released years ago, Research and Development still remains one of the best Half Life 2 modifications in the pool and I definitely recommend anybody who hasn't tried it out yet; to give this one a go.

That said, the large amount of puzzles are very clever, intuitive, and creative. While some are frustrating, each is extremely satisfying, if not hilarious, to solve. The game is also much more than completing a puzzle, moving on to the next room, and completing the next puzzle. All areas in the game feel intertwined and related to one single breathing world. Many scenarios in the game are also "action packed" to say the least. Despite that there isn't a single obtainable gun, (by gun, I mean a gun that shoots bullets) the game will still throw combine soldiers or helicopters at you; as well as roller mines.

Of course, there's a very logical and fair way for dealing with all the enemy encounters in the game. Furthermore, it will take some brain power, and maybe some fast reflexes, but nonetheless; this mod isn't your typical puzzle game.

...Of course, if you hate puzzles; you should probably look somewhere else. But hey, if you had to start somewhere, start here.

Resistance and Liberation 1.6 Overview

Rikachu Blog

For those unaware, this is their Moddb page.

Resistance and Liberation is a rather daring multiplayer modification that focuses on player communication and teamwork; as well as as a few other multiplayer quirks such as limited voice communication and limited hud. Of course, Resistance and Liberation also strives to be as realistic as possible. One can expect quick deaths in this World War 2 simulator accompanied by blurred vision and lots of indistinguishable yelling from either team.

I have played a lot of "realistic" war games, but I have to say, I am most impressed with how far Resistance and Liberation has come. The combat, while extremely quick, is very satisfying and the communication in this game is also extremely well done. Hearing only those around you via voice, American or German, is something that really instills a sense of immersion and even fear. There is no better reward than eavesdropping on the enemy team and listening on to their next course of action.

There are numerous weapons in the game. Both the Axis and Allied forces have varying weapons with statistical differences; I would say that the Allied forces have far better close range capabilities compared to the Axis, who excel at long range capabilities, but I suppose this is where team balance may be an issue. While I have played both sides, I did not notice any significant disadvantage when playing either side; but I suppose others may feel different. Still, either team is very fun to use.

Possibly the best enjoyment I had out of this game is the hilarious community, anybody who has played on a server or two will know what I mean. Typically, any game that tries to emulate reality will be hilarious if multiple real-life individuals are involved. You want to run into the line of fire shouting at the top of your lungs with your fists ready? You can do that. And I have seen it happen. A game such as this, which values teamwork, is also very quick to become ludicrous and rarely frustrating. For example, throwing a misplaced grenade and killing your entire team is a hilarious way to start making friends. Perhaps some may hate others who may occasionally (and hopefully accidentally) hinder their team, but I find it a very enjoyable experience to help those who need it; even if it gets me killed. Furthermore, the community seems to be largely interested in having a good time while trying to pursue the main game objectives. I believe this largely has to do with the absence of a scoreboard and a point-system. I suppose since no amount of kills will get you noticed, the only say to do so is to be a true team helper.

A couple gripes, such as the insane power of grenades (which despite me saying this, may in fact be intentional), and the confusion surrounding game objectives are present, but I would definitely still recommend this game. Whether you choose to be join the Allied or Axis forces, I can guarentee this mod is still worth a try. While servers appear to be limited, with a couple updates I can see the amount of players and servers sky-rocketing.

Mod Review Status

Rikachu Blog

I mainly make Half Life 2 mod reviews. I enjoy playing them very much!

Source Games I own on PC:
Half life 2
Half life 2: Ep 1
Half life 2: Ep 2
Team Fortress 2
(Garry's Mod)
Left 4 Dead 2

Mods I have played (Italicized names are recommended mods):
Dear Esther

Eye of the Storm
Research and Development
Radiator (2/3 of Volume 1)
Zombie Panic Source

Strider Mountain
Situational Outbreak
Post Script
Dangerous World
Orion Beta
Half Life Wars Beta
Too Many Crates
Nightmare House 2

No More Room in Hell
The Stanley Parable
Resistance and Liberation 1.6

I look forward to playing these mods once they are released and/or more polished:
The New Dear Esther
Post Script
99 Bolts
Outbreak: Condemned
Black Mesa Source
The Half Life Parallel Series
The Rising
Zombie Zoo
Half Life 2: Short Stories
Lost Hope
The Marderer

Devil's Tuning Fork

I will add the rest of the links later. Or, you can simply copy and paste the name of the mod you will like to check out at the search bar. (Top of the Page)

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