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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Chernobyl

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Love this mod, but it really is only for people who like a free Sandbox mode. No story what so ever, some people might feel lost as soon as they start the game.

I recommend playing in Ironman mode and with Hardcore AI Aim, because it makes the game so much more intense. I started as a Mercenary in Dead City, looted a few bandits that lost a firefight with my fellow Mercs and took a quest to kill some Stalker in Zaton.

I figured the easiest way there would be over Limansk and Red Forest. In Limansk I found a lot of Mercenaries, made one of them my companion and started exploring the area, when all of a sudden, a military chopper appeared. The Mercs started shooting it, but I felt it would be best to just make a run for Red Forest.

In Red Forest me and my buddy wanted to cross the little bridge, but he was shot down by some soldiers that were guarding the other side. I slowly advanced and managed to kill all 4 of them, looting their corpses for better gear and ammo. I proceeded to go through Red Forest, were i was ambushed by a pack of Pseudodogs, which I managed to kill with my shotgun. Killed a couple more soldiers, had Forester repair my weapon and continued toward Jupiter.

In Jupiter I travelled to Yanov Station and the Scientist bunker. I took a job to escort some Eggheads to the Concrete Bath anomaly and protect them while they do some research. Everything went fine till there, I avoided most enemies, just killed some dogs. On the way back we stop because I hear a growl somewhere within the bushes. I thought it was a Pseudodog, so I went closer to kill it. Suddenly a Pseudogiant jumps out of the bush in front of me and I empty my magazine into it. It starts going after the scientists and kills the Leader and a second guy. I tried desperately to save the last guy, but I ran out of ammo. Figured I could do the rest with my knife... how wrong I was.

That was my first adventure in CoC and I'm sure there are many more to come.

My thoughts on improving this mod further:

- There are lots of repeatable missions in the game, but how about adding some unique missions, that you can do once. Might make the mod more appealing to people who miss a story.

- NPCs should carry at least a bit of ammo for the gun they dropped, aside from the ammo in the gun.

- Maybe even more maps if possible? For me, Stalker is mainly about the crazy world it plays in and the random things happening. More maps would add to that.

- If possible, maybe an optional Faction Wars feature like the one in Clear Sky could be implemented. It would fit in well with the Freeplay mode.

- No idea if the Call of Pripyat engine supports this, but could the arena from SoC be integrated and maybe expanded, so that you can fight mutants and more NPCs after you win all the normal Arena matches?

Other than these ideas, I think the game is very fun to play. It's amazing how stable this mod runs.

9/10 Let's see what future Updates will bring ;)



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