First person horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland and published by Deep Silver for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It is centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat.

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DanRod says

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Fun coop game. Feels like borderlands 2 with zombies, but much more fun, even by yourself. Runs pretty good for a PC port, but suffers from some minor bugs. A must get anyways


CrimsonStrife says

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Definitely fun in Co-op. While it reminds me a lot of Borderlands it also has sort of a Fallout/ Elder Scrolls feeling. Mix in some Left 4 Dead and you have this game. Which isn't to say it doesn't bring ideas of it's own to the table. I got it on steam and once we got the patched version everything worked just fine. I do have to say that the developer weapons seem a tad useless for being such a pain to get.


Great game with great game play! Coop is really fun, and single-playing it is almost just as fun. Definitely scarier alone ;)

Great game. An instant classic straight from the prologue. Killing zombies never get boring in this game with the ability to mod all sorts of weapons through out the game.

I dont like what happens at the end.
But the zombie mashing is very satisfying.

Great characters, and an interesting story.
Combat works fine, did not have a problem with it. Eventually combat gets repetitive. First half of the game i killed every enemy i encountered, but afterwards just got bored and started running through them.

The overall gameplay is good, except for the saving system.
I would have prefered to simply be able to manually save whenever im in a non-combat zone or safe haven.
I hate this game's autosave.

I was pretty surprised when I got this game. On one hand, it wasn't at all like its dark and gritty trailer, but on the other it really felt like a zombie survival game. The gameplay can be pretty fun, but gets rater boring after awhile and the game itself is pretty buggy. Overall I think that this game is quite underrated and is worth playing.

The game is a bit to arcadey for me, it is relatively easy to kill zombies which is plus but it relies mostly on "special" zombies for the difficulty, you rarely ever overrun and therefore you never really get scared.

Honestly its all about upgrading, repairing weapons for whatever specialty your character is good at which depends on which of the 4 characters you've chosen. It's got alot of good locals but honestly once you reach the sewer its lasts forever, its the biggest sewer level of any game ever and that's disturbing that the creators thought of that as a good idea. Artificially lengthening if I ever saw it. The game is roughly 22 hours so it's not like it needed this.

The creators of this game really did not spend enough time refining the mechanics, enemies glitch through walls and weapons disappear, enemies attack you through other enemies.
The cutscenes keep shoving all the characters in eventhough you're playing alone or with 1 friend. They could have edited the cutscenes by simply taking away some lines of dialogue and the character model & some of the camera angles...

The ending is ridiculous.. he can fly away, hes planted bombs, hes risking his life unnecessarily by trying to shoot you and magically spawning fast zombies...

+visceral combat
+ammo is scarce
+pretty long at ~22 hours
+upgrading weapons and attaching weaponmods

-Some bad gameplay mechanics like zombies leveling up with you, way to easy to push a zombie off you so you never get bitten, overpowered perks ect
-+Story isn't all that impressive but some OK parts
-Not scary
-Buggy and glitchy
-Lazy cutscenes that keep shoving all the characters in
-You can't kill any quest giving humans
-Terrible ending

It's one of those games that implied greatness if you watched the CGI trailer, but on delivery its rather mediocre. The only real effort put into it was for the most simplest gameplay mechanics.
For most people thats good enough, for me I expected more.

this game was one of those games you just need to get if you are a zombie fanatic.
ever since I first layed eyes on this game I have known it was going to be awesome.
the character animation along with the gun animation could of taken some work that lost it two marks.
the story is magnificent and so is the experience.
you will have a great time playing this and I recommend it to all zombie fans.

Got to admit, great graphics and ideas. The game-play however is pretty short and could use some extension. For the majority of players who have gone through finishing the game. I believe we do not feel like playing anymore.


cannot start game anymore

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Fun coop game. Feels like borderlands 2 with zombies, but much more fun, even by yourself. Runs pretty good for a PC port, but suffers from some minor bugs. A must get anyways

Sep 14 2011 by DanRod