Zombie Survival is an extensive first-person simulator about well, zombie survival. The game starts off with a bunch of survivors. A few players are picked to be zombies. The humans must then create barricades and hold off against the undead army. Sounds easy enough right? It seems that way until 40 of your former team members are out to get you! First released for GMod9 about 5 years ago, hosted privately on Garry's Mod for around 3 years and now, FINALLY, making a public release. After three years of development, hopefully it would have been worth the weight!

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I enjoy playing this mod, though I should get CS:S again so I won't get any errors. :D

There appears to be lua errors when I start up a map (even a zs_ map) and i'll keep trying and seeing if i'm missing files or if I need a different map.

The best gamemode for Gmod ever.


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