Big fan of Metroid, Stargate, Star Wars, Halo, Legend of Zelda games, Advance Wars, Avatar: Last Airbender, DC, Marvel, and over 95% of all Anime. (Okay maybe not 95%, 50%) Any images I post here on my profile are mine unless I say I found it on google or somewhere else (If it's not a video game screenshot, it's not mine) I've changed my username from Admiral Ace to Admiral Ash to partial resemble my username on other sites and my Minecraft username, AshUzumaki

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My Empire At War mods

Admiral-Ash Blog

Some of the Empire At War mods I've made over the years. Don't have some of them any more. Please don't ask for them.

Empire At War - Advance Wars ---- Adds in the COs from the Advance Wars games. Adds Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth COs to the Rebels and Black Hole COs to the Empire.

Galaxies ---- Originally added new galaxy maps into the game. Included the Star Trek galaxy, Halo galaxy, Stargate galaxy, Star Wars galaxy, and one with planets from all the other galaxies except for Star Wars. I later change the factions in the game to ones I created. The Galaxy Alliance(Earth Faction) and the Kasarian Empire, an Insectoid race partly based on the Wraith.

Great Clone War ---- My 3rd or 4th Clone Wars mod. I've tried making it as unique as possible and use units not used in other Clone Wars mods.

Stargate SG1 ---- My own SG mod that has Land and Space battles. Uses models from all the SG mods including Pegasus.

Yuuzhan Vong War ---- Uses the Vong models from Z's FOC mod and a lot from the FoC Space Addon mod. Those models are the ones that all have "F" at the begginng of the model name.

Halo ---- Borrows a lot of models from Halo First Offensive, Campaign Commander and Covenant at War. Has both Space and Land, Master Chief, Sgt Johnson, the Arbiter, all the Prophets and a lot of other stuff.(but no Scrabs or Brutes)

Empire at War - Started out as changing Republic at War back to the GCW era, so I could play the game with all the cool stuff from RaW. After the mod kept crashing from re-adding the GCW era heroes and removing the CW ones, I gave up and started from scratch. The Empire has most of the Republic units and non-Jedi Heroes, and the Rebels have most of the CIS units. Some of the CIS heroes were added to the Consortium which were changed to the Hutt Cartel.

Star Trek Dominion at War ---- Uses the Trek Wars mod as the base. GC not that playable since the AI doesn't work, but skirmish is playable. I was lucky enough to find heroes for each side and find enough Dominion ships.

The Old Republic ---- Started out as a TOR era mod, but I later added a KOTOR era GC, and I have plans on adding the Mandalorian Wars. I've changed the mod's name to Wars of the Old Republic.
(Mandalorian Wars era not shown)

The Star Wars ---- Name comes from one of the earlier names for Episode 4. Mostly has models from Republic At War in it. Not much to say about it.

CISV5 ---- Not really my mod, it's just Conflict in Space Version 5. I converted it for Forces of Corruption. It also has stuff from Bailknight's mod.

Star Wars Empire at War: The Clone Wars ---- Don't remember much about it, but it was my first Clone Wars mod. Don't have it anymore since the computer it was on crashed.

Star Wars - Rise of Black Sun ---- Would have been my first mod to release if my computer hadn't crashed. Most everything I wanted to do in that mod has ended up in Super Star Wars.

5 ABY ---- Another one of my mods I don't have anymore. It was built off the Conflict in Space mod. It had the New Republic and Imperial Remnant in it. One of the best space battles I remember from this mod was when the Empire attack Eriadu (or maybe Sullust) with the Iron Fist. I sent in the Lusankya backed up by two Mediators. Poor Zsinj didn't stand a chance. It was one of the first times I destroyed a SSD.

The New Age ---- The mod is set in the year 2815 ABY. It involves a new Galactic Republic in a war against the Hydian Empire, that was founded nearly 900 years before. At first the leader of the Empire, Emperor Marvos, tries to create peace between the Republic and the Empire, but it's discovered by the Jedi order he has other plans, to destroy the Jedi and conquer the Republic. When the war begins, a group of Sith side with the empire and led their troops into battle, most of which is made up of Mandalorian Soldiers.

The Four Galactic Powers

Admiral-Ash Blog

This part of a storyline I created for an alternate Star Wars timeline. This based on an idea I've wanted to do for a mod that had factions that used ships from only one race. It changed alot, but always had a Corellian faction and a Mon Cal faction. I haven't made the mod, but just did those images for the fleets.

The Four Galactic Powers

Corellian Republic Fleet

The Corellian Republic

The largest of the four galactic powers, the Corellian Republic rose to power in X---BBY to become the dominate power after the collapse of the Old Republic. While Corellia is considered to be the capital, Coruscant is still considered an important part of Republic. Unlike the Old Republic, the Corellian Republic is ruled by a King, but has a Democratic Monarchy similar to that of Naboo. It also still has a Senate, with Senators representing the parts of the Republic, but instead of several representatives, there were only twenty senators, each representing the one of the twenty sectors. The Corellian Republic controls all of the galactic regions from the Deep Core to the Expansion Region. It also controls a large chunk of the Mid Rim and Outer Rim in the Galactic South.

Dac Federation Fleet

The Dac Federation

After many years of various wars that occurred between the planets of the Calamari sector, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren decided a strong government was needed to help maintain peace in the sector. This led to the creation of the Dac Federation, which was founded in 2166 BBY. In it's early years, it was largely made up of worlds that were colonized by the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, until they began admitting other planets outside of the Calamari sector. It expanded to include the nearby planets of Munto Codru, Iego, Drongar, and the Tion Hegemony. It currently stretches to the Expansion region and to the borders of the Trade Union and the northern border of the Hutt Empire. The Planet of Dac serves as its capital.

The Trade Union

Founded in 1250 BBY, the Trade Union was formed by the various commerce guilds located in the Northern half of the galaxy. It was largely created from the Corporate Sector and the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The planet of Etti IV was chosen as its capital, although it was said the Union had three capitals, the other two being Muunilinst and Serenno. It was run by the Trade Union President and the Direx Board. While it was the second largest of the four powers, and had the smallest military fleet of the four, it was said to be able to build up a navy rapidly due its available resources and its powerful economy.

The Hutt Empire


What video games and consoles do you have?

Admiral-Ash Blog

Kinda like what I did with the Anime one this is a list of all the Video games I have(PC, Console, and Handheld), and Video game consoles. How many do you have of both? (Not counting mobile games on stuff like IPhone or IPad or any other phone like thing and not counting Online games like Star Wars TOR or WoW) I've got a lot games, but I mostly have the problem keeping them LONG after I've beaten them.

If you comment on what you have, only count what you currently have.

Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Pokemon Stadium (1 and 2)
Pokemon Snap

The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition
The Legend of Zelda Windwaker
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Super Mario Sunshine
Pokemon Coliseum
Pokemon X.D. Gale of Darkness
The Simpsons Hit and Run
Lego Star Wars (1 and 2)
007 Nightfire
Need for Speed Underground 2
Rogue Squadron III Rebel Strike
Yugioh the Falsebound Kingdom
Custom Robo
Battalion Wars
Naruto Clash of Ninja 2

(Not counting Wii Sports)
Lego Indiana Jones (1 and 2)
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga
Lego Star Wars 3 The Clone Wars
Lego Batman DC Superheroes
Lego Harry Potter (1 and 2)
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Super Mario Galaxy
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid Other M


(don't have a lot or good ones. Or at least to most people)
Simcity 2000
Digimon World 2
Grand Theft Auto 2
(Yep that's it for PS1)

Playstation 2

Star Wars Battlefront (1 and 2)
Star Wars Bounty Hunter
Dragon Ball Z Bodakai Tenkachi (1 and 2)
Super Dragon Ball Z
Avatar the Last Airbender
Star Trek Encounters
Final Fantasy (10)X-2
Bionicle Heroes
Ultimate Spiderman
Kingdom Hearts 2
One Piece Grand Adventure
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers Super Legends

Game Boy
(Just the games, don't have a GB)
The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages
The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Sliver

Game Boy Advance

Super Mario Advance (1 2 and 4, don't have 3)
Mario Kart Super Circuit
Monster Rancher Advance
Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon FireRed
YuYu Hakusho(Spirit Detective)
Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku 2
Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury
The Legend of Zelda Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap
Advance Wars
Advance Wars 2 Black Hole Rising
Rebel Star Tactical Command
Golden Sun 2 - The Lost Age
(I think I have more than that!)

Nintendo DS (Lite and DSi XL)

Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Plantium
Pokemon Black
Pokemon HeartGold
Sim City DS
Yugioh Spirit Caller
Mario Kart DS
Golden Sun Dark Dawn
Advance Wars Dual Strike
Advance Wars Days of Ruin
Naturo Path of the Ninja 2
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga (DS Version)
Super Mario 64 DS
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Nintendo 3DS
Pokemon X
Mario Kart 7
The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

XBOX 360
Halo: Combat Evolved (Anniversary)
Halo Wars
Halo 4
Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi
SpiderMan Web of Shadows
(Also have the first Assassins Creed, but the disc doesn't work)

PC Games
Star Wars Empire at War (and FoC)
Grand Theft Auto 2
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Sins of a Solar Empire Trinity
Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
Railroad Tycoon 3
Sim City 3000
Sim City 4
Populous the Beginning (including Undiscovered Worlds expansion)
Age of Empires Gold
Age of Empires II (Age of Kings and Conquerors)
Age of Empires II HD Edition (including Forgotten expansion)
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (including Clone Campaigns)
Age of Mythology (including The Titans expansion)
Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight Of The Arnor
Star Wars Battlefront (1 and 2)
Star Wars Republic Commando
The Simpsons Hit and Run

That's about 117 games and 10 game systems

You know I really hope Sony and Nintendo will get more original with their names, otherwise we'll have the Wii U Mii. And that guy Adam Sessler's prediction will come true and we'll be playing Final Fantasy 22 on the Playstation 16! XD

What anime have you seen?

Admiral-Ash Blog 1 comment

Over the years I've seen a lot of Anime that have come from Japan. It's kinda hard for me to find one and say that I hate it. There is 56 all together, but I feel like I should have a 100 shows in this list, but i don't remember their names, but I listed all I could think of (including a few I kinda didn't want to list). So, how many have you seen? More or less than me? Equal maybe? Shows that have a / are there for ones that have variants or sequel shows. For Pokemon and Digimon, that includes all of them.(Yes I still watch both) For some shows I used their Japanese instead of their English name I would normally know them as. (Like Detective Conan was known as Case Closed here in the US)

EDIT: Added 57 and 58 - 4/29/14

  1. Pokémon
  2. Sailor Moon
  3. Digimon
  4. Flint the Time Detective
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh/GX/5Ds/Zexal
  6. Dragon Ball/Z/GT
  7. Mon Colle Knights
  8. Fist of the North Star
  9. Escaflowne
  10. Kikaider
  11. Inuyasha
  12. FLCL
  13. Blue Seed
  14. Outlaw Star
  15. Tenchi Muyo/Universe/Tokyo/GXP/War on Geminar
  16. Big-O
  17. Cowboy Bebop
  18. Dirty Pair
  19. G Gundam(Currently the only Gundam series I've seen entirely, still want to see Wing)
  20. Full Metal Alchemist/Brotherhood (The second one is 9000 times better than the first FMA)
  21. Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.
  22. Zoids
  23. Rave Master
  24. Detective Conan
  25. Cat Planet Cuties
  26. Eureka 7
  27. Cardcaptors
  28. Gunsmith Cats
  29. Kekkaishi
  30. Kiddy Grade
  31. Kodocha
  32. Fruits Basket
  33. Negima
  34. Rurouni Kenshin
  35. Last Exile
  36. Lupin the Third
  37. Beyblade
  38. Bakugan
  39. Medabots
  40. Naruto
  41. One Piece
  42. Bleach
  43. Fairy Tail
  44. B-daman/Crossfire
  45. Ojamajo Doremi
  46. R.O.D. TV
  47. Samurai Champloo
  48. Shaman King
  49. Slayers
  50. Soul Eater
  51. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  52. Tokyo Mew Mew
  53. Trigun
  54. Witchblade
  55. Yu Yu Hakusho
  56. Gunslinger Girl
  57. Blue Exorcist (only seen up to E10) (Kinda reminds of Supernatural)
  58. kore wa zombie desu ka?/Is this a Zombie?(Eucliwood!!!)

Star Wars Empire at War: The New Age

Admiral-Ash Blog 3 comments

2800 ABY - The United Galactic Republic versus the Hydian Empire.

SWEAW The New Age -- United Republic Fleet
********United Republic Fleet********
Homeworld: Coruscant
Spire-class Corvette (Trireme)
Storm-class Cruiser (Mercy Frigate)
Vanguard-class light frigate (Bothan Frigate)
Sentinel-class Carrier (The green ship)
Resolute-class assault frigate (the Nebulon-C)
Coronet-class battleship (The Bothan ship)
Aurora-class Star Defender (Blue Diver)

SWEAW The New Age -- Hydian Empire Fleet
********Hydian Empire Fleet********
Homeworld: Muunilinst
Warlord-class Corvette (Assassin Corvette)
Delta-class light frigate (Longhorn)
Sova-class medium frigate (Acclamator MK3)
Maelstrom-class cruiser (Sith Frigate)
Vector-class destroyer (Sith Destroyer)
Bes'bavar-class heavy carrier (The green Mandalorian ship) Bes'bavar means calvary in Mando'a.
Hyperion-class Star Destroyer (Galactic Battle Carrier)
Pinnacle-class Super Star Destroyer (The Big Ship)

SWEAW The New Age -- Pirate Federation Fleet
********Pirate Federation Fleet********
Homeworld: Hypori (also known as New Hutta since the Hutts colonized it. Tell more later.)
YZ-2500 Corvette
Sabertooth-class Long Range Frigate
Immobilizer-422 Cruiser
Sha Shore-class heavy frigate
Ardent-class Fast Frigate
Pelleaon-class Star Destroyer

My idea for my next mod, Star Wars: Black Sun

Admiral-Ash Blog 4 comments

Star Wars: Black Sun

What Forces of Corruption should have been!

This changes up the ZC to the Black Sun Pirates, but they're still pretty much the same and it makes corruption less annoying.

»»»{[Rebel Alliance]}«««
**New Units**
ISP Speeder
Wookiee Warriors
Rebel Commandos
Jedi Knights

Z95(Clone Wars Series variant)
Interceptor-III Frigate
Liberator Cruiser - Carries X-wings, Y-wings, A-wings
Harrier Frigate - Carries X-wings, E-wings, K-wings
Venator Star Destroyer
Mediator Battlecruiser
Viscount Star Defender

***New Heroes***
Winter Celchu
Talon Karrde
Booster Terrick
Rianna Saren
Judder Page

***New Structures***
Jedi Temple
Alliance Defense Station
Asteroid Mines

»»»{[Galactic Empire]}«««
**New Units**
Storm Commandos
TIE Crawlers
BlackHole Stormtroopers
Dark Side Adepts

TIE Avenger
TIE Scimitar
Lancer-class Corvette
Imperial Fleet Carrier(This is a Fanon desgin, not any actual Imp Carrier designs)
Imperial Escort Carrier
Gladiator-class SD
Titan-class Battlecruiser

***New Heroes***
Lira Blissex
Raith Sienar
Sate Pestage
Bevel Lemelisk

***New Structures***
Sith Fortress
Jovan Defense Station
Asteroid Mines

»»»{[Black Sun Pirates]}«««
Black Sun Starfighter
V-wing Starfighter
IPV-1 patrol craft
CR70 Corvette
Conqueror-class Assaukt Ship
Mstyril-class Medium frigate (Also known as the Mstyril-class space yacht)
Bloodstar Frigate
Venator-class Star Destroyer (Equipped with point defense lasers and Leech Shields)
Executor SSD (Limit 2)

Black Sun Mercs
Black Sun PLEX Mercs
Gurian Speeder
Revenant Speeder Tank
WLO-5 Speeder Tank
Banta-II Skiff
IG-86 Assassin Droids
Trandoshan Hunters
Talorai Warriors

***New Heroes***
Prince Xizor
Jabba the Hutt
Bib Fortuna
Cad Bane
Kyrisa and Unkajo

***New Structures***
Grand Arena
Black Market
Slave Market
Defense Station
Asteroid Mine
Light Factory

My Sci-fi series 2 -- Now with a name -- Starfinities

Admiral-Ash Blog

It was last May when I first wrote about this. Took me awhile, but I finally got back to writing it. I have had most of this history made already, just took me awhile to write the rest of it. That and because for a short time I got paranoid that someone might steal my idea.

Now my Sci-Fi series has it's own name, Starfinities. Hopefully that hasn't been used before. To see the first half of the history of Starfinities, click here,

In fact you might want to do that first so you'll know what's going on.

When I'm done with my current Star Wars EAW mod, Super Star Wars, I plan on making a EAW mod about Starfinities. It will be called Starfinities: Phoenix Wars. In fact I already have a working version of the mod. Although I can release it because it has ship models from Stargate EAW, Halo:CC, and a few others.

Okay now for the history. And keep checking for when I update the history, because this isn't all of it.

BA = Before the Olympus Alliance
OA = After the formation of the Olympus Alliance.
SPE = Supreme Empire
GU = Galactic Union
ALA = Astro Light Alliance

7,933 BA -- The first galactic war occurs in the Trila Galaxy. The war is fought between the Trila Federation and Windfire Alliance versus the Saber Empire.

7,925 BA -- The Galactic War of Trila ends. Trila and Windfire defeat the Saber Empire. The Saber Empire loses 40 planets to Trila.

7,586 BA -- Second Trila Galactic War, ends eleven years later. Trila and Windfire are the victors again.

3,298 BA -- The Supreme Empire and Galactic Union form the Tali Galactic Alliance(TGA). Consists of the SPE and the GU, plus over 455 other planets. The old United Alliance between the SPE and GU was dissolved, due to various problems that came from some of the treaties and laws of the UA.

1,465 BA -- War breaks out between the TGA and Galoa Federation who located in the neighboring galaxy of the Tali Galaxy.

1,457 BA -- A peace treaty is created between the TGA and the Galoa.

1,456 BA -- Representatives from the SPE and the GU sign the Unity document, merging the two into the Supreme Galactic Union(SGU).

988 BA -- The Serpent Empire is founded.

144 BA -- Member worlds of the TGA reaches 5,000.

65 BA -- The first worlds not located in the Tali Galaxy join the TGA.

1 BA -- An ALA representative comes to the leaders of the SGU and TGA with a offer to create and inter-galactic alliance between the two and other races across the universe.

0 OA (or 0 BA or whatever) (40,000 years ago) -- The Supreme Galactic Union, Astro Light Alliance, and the TGA form the Olympus Alliance. In the first 1,000 years it, the number of member worlds, races, and civilazations reaches 8,000. The Olympus Alliance is basically part UN, a little UFOP from Star Trek, but a little bit more power than either.

75 OA -- After about 3,000 years, the TGA ends and is merge with the SGU. By now the SGU spans all of the Tali galaxy and half of the Galoa galaxy as the Galoa Federation joins the SGU.

4,521 OA -- The third Galactic war occurs in the Trila galaxy. When the wars ends five years later, the King of Trilas unites all three factions together to form the Tristarian Galactic Union(TGU).

Star Wars FOC: Force Legacy mod

Admiral-Ash Blog 4 comments

This is a mod idea I've had for a while now. Force Legacy's basic idea is to have Jedi and Sith from all eras in one mod. Still don't know why no one has ever tried it before now. I guess there's reasons, but it's still a great idea. I mean who wouldn't want to control an entire army of Jedi or Sith led by your favorite Jedi Knight or Sith Lord or just favorite lightsider and darksider. And what if you don't want a Jedi or Sith? Then how about the Mandolorians.

Here's a basic idea for each faction.

First off though, this is not meant to be something like a total conversion or an all era mod.

Second it just adds all this to the existing factions. All the ships and grounds units would remain in the game.

The first version of this mod, whenever I decide to release it, will only include models that are free release and don't require permission to use them just credit.(or not in the VERY rare cases)

The rebels would be renamed to the Jedi Alliance and would include a few space and ground units added in.
******Jedi Alliance******
Delta-7b Jedi Starfighter
ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter

Consular-class Space Cruiser
Defender-class Corvette

Hammerhead-class Cruiser
Acclamator-class Assault Ship

Venator-class SD/Jedi Cruiser

Jedi Knights
Jedi Protectors
Jedi Vanguard
Jedi Task Force(These would include a ground force of at least 5-6 individual Jedi of different species)

Bastila Shan
**Young Obi-wan Kenobi - Negoiator
Mace Windu - ETA-2 Jedi Starfighter
Anakin Skywalker - Delta-7b
Plo Koon - Delta-7b
**Luminara Unduli - Tranquility
**Kit Fisto - Delta-7b
**Saesee Tiin - Sharp Spiral/Cutlass-9 Starfighter

Kyle Katarn - Moldy Crow
Luke Skywalker - X-wing
Leia Organa-Solo (w/saber) - Tantive IV
Corran Horn - X-wing
Cade Skywalker - The Mynock

Galactic Empire renamed to the
********Sith Empire********
Sith Starfighter
Sith Bomber
Sith Interceptor

Striker-class Corvette(The Sith Troop Transport model made by Warb. Seen in TOR online game.)

Reaper-class Sith Frigate

Nexus-class Sith Destroyer

Gauntlet-class Battlecruiser

Sith Knights
Sith Assassins
Sith Commandos
Sith Troopers

Darth Revan
Darth Nihilus - Ravager (Will be a Centurion, but won't look like space scrap. Would to find one that looks like it.)
Darth Bane
Darth Sidious - The Eclipse
Darth Maul
Darth Tyranus - The Malevolence
Darth Vader - The Executor
**Darth Caedus - Anakin Solo
**Darth Krayt - One Sith/Nemesis SSD

**means space only hero

Need a better name for the Mando faction. Any suggestions?
Davaab Starfighter

Bes'uliik Starfighter

Basilisk War Droid

Lictor-class Frigate

Jehavey'ir-class Assault Frigate

Bes'bavar-class Destroyer

Prudii-class Battlecruiser

Mandolorian Soldiers
Mandolorian Protectors
Mandolorian Crusaders
Basilisk War Droid
Mandolorian Speeder
Mandolorian Tank

Mandalore the Indomitable
Mandalore the Ultimate
Mandalore the Preserver(Canderous Ordo)
Jaster Mareel
Jango Fett
Mandalore the Resurrector(Spar)
Fenn Shysa
Boba Fett
Hondo Karr

Need suggestions for other Mando heroes.

After version one, I hope to be able to add these Jedi and Sith.

Qui-gon Jinn
Aayla Secura
Barriss Offee
Luminara Unduli
Kit Fisto
Saesee Tiin
Ahsoka Tano
Rohm Kota
Kam Solusar
Jaina Solo
Jacen Solo
Anakin Solo
Mara Jade Skywalker
Ben Skywalker
Tenel Ka
Cade Skywalker
Wolf Sazen

Exar Kun
Darth Revan
Darth Malak
Darth Nihilus
Darth Malgalus
Darth Bane
Darth Plagieus
Darth Caedus
Darth Krayt
Darth Talon

And a few of my own Jedi and Sith.
****(Fanon Jedi)****
General Kenshin
Kyo Starhawk
Kira Starhawk
Aurora Talon

****(Fanon Sith)****
Darth Obilvion
Darth Cronus
Darth Nexus
Darth Vice
Darth Vicious
Darth Wraith
Darth Fury

Currently have a test version of this on my computer. When I release this it will be after I release a Demo or Beta of Super Star Wars, which will be soon.

Monty and Cal comic

Admiral-Ash Blog 7 comments

This is a comic I made using the EAW map editor and Paint. Monty's name comes from Mon and Cal's from Calamari.

Monty and Cal

Monty and Cal2

Monty and Cal3

Monty and Cal4

Monty and Cal5

Monty and Cal6

Monty and Cal7

My own Sci-fi.

Admiral-Ash Blog 4 comments

For a while now I've been wanting to post this to my Moddb profile page. Finally I've gotten around to it.

So here it goes, I'm finally writing about my own Sci-Fi thing. I created the basic part of this when I was at least 12, so if anything sounds kid like or something, that should kinda explain it. Mostly the names of the alien races.

The story revolves Earth and the Alien race known as the Tristarians(Tri-Star-re-ans). They're a Galactic Civilization that have been around for about 35,000 years, but the central race of the Tristarians have been around for at least 100,000 years.

The early history is about the precursor races like the Trans-Galactic Union, which would be like the Ancients from Stargate and Forerunners from Halo.

Eventually this will reach a time frame where we come in, "we" as in all of Earth.

Some of the more common races and Alien Civilizations:
Trans-Galactic Union
United Star Nations
Shadow Federation
Argava Empire
Empire of the Core

******Olympus Alliance******
Tristar Galactic Union (Tristarians)
North Light Empire
Phoenix Alliance (Made up of the United Nations of Earth, the Centrios, and the Ajalon Union.)
Cerulean Empire
Orion Alliance
Oracion Empire (Oracians)
Astro Light Alliance
Surpreme Galactic Union
Vistra Republic
Shoron Empire(Shoroni)(Show-ron-ni)
United Dragon Alliance(Dragonoids, Humans, Dramans-Half-Dragon, Half Human People.)

****Dark Alliance****
Draconian Empire(Draconians/Once part of the United Dragon Alliance)
Kasarian Empire(Kasarians) (Ka-sar-ri-ans)
Dark Star Empire
Serpent Empire(Serpenians)
Machine Empire(Machinas or Mechans)
Black Dino Empire

BA="Before the Alliance" Years before the formation of the Olympus Alliance.

OA=Years after the formation of the Olympus Alliance

I'm also going to put in pronunciations so you'll know how to pronounce the words how I say them.


760,000 BA+ - The universe spanning Trans-Galactic Union is formed.(Exact time of formation is unknown.)

760,000 BA-
The Shadow Federation is formed.

710,000 BA-
The TGU-Shadow War begins. It's later discover the Shadow Federation's goal is to destroy TGU. They want the worlds of the universe to be scattered and divided and not united together.

709,950 BA- The war comes to an end and the TGU comes out as the victor, but the war weakens the Trans-Galactic Union.

708,950 BA- The Trans-Galactic Union collapses, and the worlds that belonged to it are left on their own. The last remnants of the TGU reform into the Astro Light Alliance and the Dark Mage Empire.

697,500 BA- The Machine Empire is formed. It's lead by it's first leader, King Machina.

567,518 BA-
The Dark Mage Empire declares war on the Kalti(Kal-Ti) Union, which is less then half a lightyear away from the ALA(Astro Light Alliance). Because of it's laws, they can't help the Kalti.(Their laws are a little like the Prime Directive of the UFoP in Star Trek)

567,492 BA-
Five years before, the ALA loses contact with the Kalti. A blockade created by Dark Mage prevents ALA from sending any type of medical supplies, or any other kind of non-military help. Five years later, Dark Mage turns their attention to the ALA, starting a war with them.

567,486 BA- The war between ALA and Dark Mage comes to an end.
ALA sends transports, medical ships, and freighters with a Military escort to the Kalti system, to help them rebuild after the war with Dark mage. When the ALA fleet arrives they soon find out that of the nearly 62 Trillion Kalti that inhabit the System, only 9 billion survived the war. Soon after the ALA abolishes their rules of not interfering with other races.

110,000 BA- ALA makes first contact with the Machine Empire.

90,120 BA - The Trila(Tri-La) race is discovered by the ALA. They are the ancestors of the Tristarians. Their homeworld is three million lightyears from the Nayu Galaxy(Milky Way)

52,240 BA-
Several Star Systems join up to form the Galactic Union(GU) in the Tali Galaxy

51,740 BA- The Supreme Empire (SPE) is formed in the Tali Galaxy.

50,280 BA - The first war between the Galactic Union and the Supreme Empire.

50,275 BA - the GU planet, Roden(Rod-In), is bombarded by the SPE. It's the fourth of seven planets to be wipe-out by the SPE during the war.

50,264 BA - The First GU-SPE War ends. A peace treaty is signed a short time after the SPE Emperor is killed in battle.

48,519 BA - ALA makes first contact with the GU.

35,531 BA - The Windfire Alliance is formed in the Trila Galaxy.

16,190 BA - The Second war between the GU and the SPE breaks out.

16,127 BA - The second GU-SPE war ends.

15,073 BA - The third and final war between the GU and SPE starts.

15,068 BA - 60% of the GU fifth fleet is wiped out and Ten planets are captured by the SPE.

15,067 BA - Harn II, a important military planet and outpost for the GU is destroyed. The entire population is wiped out.

15,065 BA - The SPE Ninth Fleet is completely destroyed by the combined power of the GU second and fourth fleets.

15,061 BA - The planet Alth falls to the SPE. With it's capture, all of the outer most GU planets are controlled by the SPE.

15,054 BA - The SPE Second, Third and 30% of the fourth fleet is destroyed when a GU General causes a star to go Supernova. Over 2,500 ships are destroyed.

15,052 BA - Admiral Calso and General Maharna lead a fleet to capture the SPE home world of Bast. After a week, the Emperor of the Supreme Empire finally surrenders, but the SPE Grand General attempts to assassinate the Emperor. The Emperor is saved by General Maharna. The Grand General is killed when he tries to escape on board his personal starship.

14,980 BA- The Galactic Union and Surpeme Empire form the United Alliance as a sign of peace among their two races.

(Gets a little boring after this point.)

14,629 BA- The Dragoon Empire is founded. (Future United Dragon Alliance)

14,105 BA- The Trila Federation is founded.

13,520 BA- The Trila make contact with the Windfire Alliance and become allys.

12,720 BA- The Machina-Astro War Begins and is between the Machine Empire and the Astro Light Alliance. It last for nearly 50 years and is fought across 7 galaxies. To the younger civilizations and races it looks like a clash between two God-like races. (The Machine Empire and ALA are the most advanced races in the Universe at this time.)

12,718 BA- The Machine Empire launches an attack on the Valos sector located 70,000 lightyears away from the ALA galaxy. It falls to Machinas within a week, consisting of over 800 planets.

12,715 BA- ALA captures the Zeta-12-89 sector, Machina Empire controlled located 500,000 lightyears away from the Machina home galaxy.

12,710 BA- The Machinas destroy several ALA fleets by destroying five stars, causing them to create a massive black hole. 1600 ALA ships are lost, and 14 Machine Empire planets are destroyed. The Machinas, as they say, consider it an acceptable lost because the planets were inhabited by organics that were servents to the empire.

12,708 BA- ALA discovers the weapon that destroyed the five stars two years previously, a Machine Empire super weapon, "The Hands of Oblivion". They make plans to destroy the weapon.

12,705 BA- The Machina-Astro War finally ends when the ALA destroys "The Hands of Oblivion", at same time destroying 62% of the Machine Empire fleet. Afterwars the Machine Empire abandons control of the star systems they took control over during the war.

12,000 BA----About 52,000 years ago.

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