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For a while now I've been wanting to post this to my Moddb profile page. Finally I've gotten around to it.

So here it goes, I'm finally writing about my own Sci-Fi thing. I created the basic part of this when I was at least 12, so if anything sounds kid like or something, that should kinda explain it. Mostly the names of the alien races.

The story revolves Earth and the Alien race known as the Tristarians(Tri-Star-re-ans). They're a Galactic Civilization that have been around for about 35,000 years, but the central race of the Tristarians have been around for at least 100,000 years.

The early history is about the precursor races like the Trans-Galactic Union, which would be like the Ancients from Stargate and Forerunners from Halo.

Eventually this will reach a time frame where we come in, "we" as in all of Earth.

Some of the more common races and Alien Civilizations:
Trans-Galactic Union
United Star Nations
Shadow Federation
Argava Empire
Empire of the Core

******Olympus Alliance******
Tristar Galactic Union (Tristarians)
North Light Empire
Phoenix Alliance (Made up of the United Nations of Earth, the Centrios, and the Ajalon Union.)
Cerulean Empire
Orion Alliance
Oracion Empire (Oracians)
Astro Light Alliance
Surpreme Galactic Union
Vistra Republic
Shoron Empire(Shoroni)(Show-ron-ni)
United Dragon Alliance(Dragonoids, Humans, Dramans-Half-Dragon, Half Human People.)

****Dark Alliance****
Draconian Empire(Draconians/Once part of the United Dragon Alliance)
Kasarian Empire(Kasarians) (Ka-sar-ri-ans)
Dark Star Empire
Serpent Empire(Serpenians)
Machine Empire(Machinas or Mechans)
Black Dino Empire

BA="Before the Alliance" Years before the formation of the Olympus Alliance.

OA=Years after the formation of the Olympus Alliance

I'm also going to put in pronunciations so you'll know how to pronounce the words how I say them.


760,000 BA+ - The universe spanning Trans-Galactic Union is formed.(Exact time of formation is unknown.)

760,000 BA-
The Shadow Federation is formed.

710,000 BA-
The TGU-Shadow War begins. It's later discover the Shadow Federation's goal is to destroy TGU. They want the worlds of the universe to be scattered and divided and not united together.

709,950 BA- The war comes to an end and the TGU comes out as the victor, but the war weakens the Trans-Galactic Union.

708,950 BA- The Trans-Galactic Union collapses, and the worlds that belonged to it are left on their own. The last remnants of the TGU reform into the Astro Light Alliance and the Dark Mage Empire.

697,500 BA- The Machine Empire is formed. It's lead by it's first leader, King Machina.

567,518 BA-
The Dark Mage Empire declares war on the Kalti(Kal-Ti) Union, which is less then half a lightyear away from the ALA(Astro Light Alliance). Because of it's laws, they can't help the Kalti.(Their laws are a little like the Prime Directive of the UFoP in Star Trek)

567,492 BA-
Five years before, the ALA loses contact with the Kalti. A blockade created by Dark Mage prevents ALA from sending any type of medical supplies, or any other kind of non-military help. Five years later, Dark Mage turns their attention to the ALA, starting a war with them.

567,486 BA- The war between ALA and Dark Mage comes to an end.
ALA sends transports, medical ships, and freighters with a Military escort to the Kalti system, to help them rebuild after the war with Dark mage. When the ALA fleet arrives they soon find out that of the nearly 62 Trillion Kalti that inhabit the System, only 9 billion survived the war. Soon after the ALA abolishes their rules of not interfering with other races.

110,000 BA- ALA makes first contact with the Machine Empire.

90,120 BA - The Trila(Tri-La) race is discovered by the ALA. They are the ancestors of the Tristarians. Their homeworld is three million lightyears from the Nayu Galaxy(Milky Way)

52,240 BA-
Several Star Systems join up to form the Galactic Union(GU) in the Tali Galaxy

51,740 BA- The Supreme Empire (SPE) is formed in the Tali Galaxy.

50,280 BA - The first war between the Galactic Union and the Supreme Empire.

50,275 BA - the GU planet, Roden(Rod-In), is bombarded by the SPE. It's the fourth of seven planets to be wipe-out by the SPE during the war.

50,264 BA - The First GU-SPE War ends. A peace treaty is signed a short time after the SPE Emperor is killed in battle.

48,519 BA - ALA makes first contact with the GU.

35,531 BA - The Windfire Alliance is formed in the Trila Galaxy.

16,190 BA - The Second war between the GU and the SPE breaks out.

16,127 BA - The second GU-SPE war ends.

15,073 BA - The third and final war between the GU and SPE starts.

15,068 BA - 60% of the GU fifth fleet is wiped out and Ten planets are captured by the SPE.

15,067 BA - Harn II, a important military planet and outpost for the GU is destroyed. The entire population is wiped out.

15,065 BA - The SPE Ninth Fleet is completely destroyed by the combined power of the GU second and fourth fleets.

15,061 BA - The planet Alth falls to the SPE. With it's capture, all of the outer most GU planets are controlled by the SPE.

15,054 BA - The SPE Second, Third and 30% of the fourth fleet is destroyed when a GU General causes a star to go Supernova. Over 2,500 ships are destroyed.

15,052 BA - Admiral Calso and General Maharna lead a fleet to capture the SPE home world of Bast. After a week, the Emperor of the Supreme Empire finally surrenders, but the SPE Grand General attempts to assassinate the Emperor. The Emperor is saved by General Maharna. The Grand General is killed when he tries to escape on board his personal starship.

14,980 BA- The Galactic Union and Surpeme Empire form the United Alliance as a sign of peace among their two races.

(Gets a little boring after this point.)

14,629 BA- The Dragoon Empire is founded. (Future United Dragon Alliance)

14,105 BA- The Trila Federation is founded.

13,520 BA- The Trila make contact with the Windfire Alliance and become allys.

12,720 BA- The Machina-Astro War Begins and is between the Machine Empire and the Astro Light Alliance. It last for nearly 50 years and is fought across 7 galaxies. To the younger civilizations and races it looks like a clash between two God-like races. (The Machine Empire and ALA are the most advanced races in the Universe at this time.)

12,718 BA- The Machine Empire launches an attack on the Valos sector located 70,000 lightyears away from the ALA galaxy. It falls to Machinas within a week, consisting of over 800 planets.

12,715 BA- ALA captures the Zeta-12-89 sector, Machina Empire controlled located 500,000 lightyears away from the Machina home galaxy.

12,710 BA- The Machinas destroy several ALA fleets by destroying five stars, causing them to create a massive black hole. 1600 ALA ships are lost, and 14 Machine Empire planets are destroyed. The Machinas, as they say, consider it an acceptable lost because the planets were inhabited by organics that were servents to the empire.

12,708 BA- ALA discovers the weapon that destroyed the five stars two years previously, a Machine Empire super weapon, "The Hands of Oblivion". They make plans to destroy the weapon.

12,705 BA- The Machina-Astro War finally ends when the ALA destroys "The Hands of Oblivion", at same time destroying 62% of the Machine Empire fleet. Afterwars the Machine Empire abandons control of the star systems they took control over during the war.

12,000 BA----About 52,000 years ago.

Admiral-Ash Author

Trust me, I have a LOT if history for each every race, planet, Galactic Power, whatever. Technically the history from 110,000 BA to 14,629 BA I created recently. Right I'm stuck at 14,629 BA, but once I get past that things will get even more interesting. Do you think you tell some other people about this? I want to see what other people think. Your actually the first person to make a comment on any of my blog post. Well someone may have, I just haven't check recently.

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It's good. Is it a Sci-fi/fantasy mix?

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:D i enjoyed reading the history :D i remind me heavily of the star wars expanded universe :D question though, does this all happen in one galaxy or a intergalatic group or the whole of the universe?

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Admiral-Ash Author

The WHOLE universe, but this section is mostly limited to one area of the universe.

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