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Some of the Empire At War mods I've made over the years. Don't have some of them any more. Please don't ask for them.

Empire At War - Advance Wars ---- Adds in the COs from the Advance Wars games. Adds Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth COs to the Rebels and Black Hole COs to the Empire.

Galaxies ---- Originally added new galaxy maps into the game. Included the Star Trek galaxy, Halo galaxy, Stargate galaxy, Star Wars galaxy, and one with planets from all the other galaxies except for Star Wars. I later change the factions in the game to ones I created. The Galaxy Alliance(Earth Faction) and the Kasarian Empire, an Insectoid race partly based on the Wraith.

Great Clone War ---- My 3rd or 4th Clone Wars mod. I've tried making it as unique as possible and use units not used in other Clone Wars mods.

Stargate SG1 ---- My own SG mod that has Land and Space battles. Uses models from all the SG mods including Pegasus.

Yuuzhan Vong War ---- Uses the Vong models from Z's FOC mod and a lot from the FoC Space Addon mod. Those models are the ones that all have "F" at the begginng of the model name.

Halo ---- Borrows a lot of models from Halo First Offensive, Campaign Commander and Covenant at War. Has both Space and Land, Master Chief, Sgt Johnson, the Arbiter, all the Prophets and a lot of other stuff.(but no Scrabs or Brutes)

Empire at War - Started out as changing Republic at War back to the GCW era, so I could play the game with all the cool stuff from RaW. After the mod kept crashing from re-adding the GCW era heroes and removing the CW ones, I gave up and started from scratch. The Empire has most of the Republic units and non-Jedi Heroes, and the Rebels have most of the CIS units. Some of the CIS heroes were added to the Consortium which were changed to the Hutt Cartel.

Star Trek Dominion at War ---- Uses the Trek Wars mod as the base. GC not that playable since the AI doesn't work, but skirmish is playable. I was lucky enough to find heroes for each side and find enough Dominion ships.

The Old Republic ---- Started out as a TOR era mod, but I later added a KOTOR era GC, and I have plans on adding the Mandalorian Wars. I've changed the mod's name to Wars of the Old Republic.
(Mandalorian Wars era not shown)

The Star Wars ---- Name comes from one of the earlier names for Episode 4. Mostly has models from Republic At War in it. Not much to say about it.

CISV5 ---- Not really my mod, it's just Conflict in Space Version 5. I converted it for Forces of Corruption. It also has stuff from Bailknight's mod.

Star Wars Empire at War: The Clone Wars ---- Don't remember much about it, but it was my first Clone Wars mod. Don't have it anymore since the computer it was on crashed.

Star Wars - Rise of Black Sun ---- Would have been my first mod to release if my computer hadn't crashed. Most everything I wanted to do in that mod has ended up in Super Star Wars.

5 ABY ---- Another one of my mods I don't have anymore. It was built off the Conflict in Space mod. It had the New Republic and Imperial Remnant in it. One of the best space battles I remember from this mod was when the Empire attack Eriadu (or maybe Sullust) with the Iron Fist. I sent in the Lusankya backed up by two Mediators. Poor Zsinj didn't stand a chance. It was one of the first times I destroyed a SSD.

The New Age ---- The mod is set in the year 2815 ABY. It involves a new Galactic Republic in a war against the Hydian Empire, that was founded nearly 900 years before. At first the leader of the Empire, Emperor Marvos, tries to create peace between the Republic and the Empire, but it's discovered by the Jedi order he has other plans, to destroy the Jedi and conquer the Republic. When the war begins, a group of Sith side with the empire and led their troops into battle, most of which is made up of Mandalorian Soldiers.

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