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RSS Star Wars Empire at War: The New Age

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2800 ABY - The United Galactic Republic versus the Hydian Empire.

SWEAW The New Age -- United Republic Fleet
********United Republic Fleet********
Homeworld: Coruscant
Spire-class Corvette (Trireme)
Storm-class Cruiser (Mercy Frigate)
Vanguard-class light frigate (Bothan Frigate)
Sentinel-class Carrier (The green ship)
Resolute-class assault frigate (the Nebulon-C)
Coronet-class battleship (The Bothan ship)
Aurora-class Star Defender (Blue Diver)

SWEAW The New Age -- Hydian Empire Fleet
********Hydian Empire Fleet********
Homeworld: Muunilinst
Warlord-class Corvette (Assassin Corvette)
Delta-class light frigate (Longhorn)
Sova-class medium frigate (Acclamator MK3)
Maelstrom-class cruiser (Sith Frigate)
Vector-class destroyer (Sith Destroyer)
Bes'bavar-class heavy carrier (The green Mandalorian ship) Bes'bavar means calvary in Mando'a.
Hyperion-class Star Destroyer (Galactic Battle Carrier)
Pinnacle-class Super Star Destroyer (The Big Ship)

SWEAW The New Age -- Pirate Federation Fleet
********Pirate Federation Fleet********
Homeworld: Hypori (also known as New Hutta since the Hutts colonized it. Tell more later.)
YZ-2500 Corvette
Sabertooth-class Long Range Frigate
Immobilizer-422 Cruiser
Sha Shore-class heavy frigate
Ardent-class Fast Frigate
Pelleaon-class Star Destroyer


I do have to say, scrap the models. If it takes place 2,800 years ABY, then they shouldn't be KOTOR/Legacy ships, they would have completely new designs, considering the KOTOR ships are over 3 millennia old and the Legacy ships are almost 2 millennia old. This is my personal view on it, just some constructive criticism! I would love to see a mod with completely different ships, I'm tired of seeing the same models, and I think your mod would be 100 times better with different models. Good luck!

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Admiral-Ash Author

ALL of the ships used by the Republic and Empire are fanon designed ships and DO NOT exist in Star Wars Canon. These models can be used in any era and any time frame, whether it 25,000 BBY, 138 ABY, or 2,800.

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where your mod for it? looks really cool

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