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Nightmare House 2

Mod review may contain spoilers - 2 agree

Mate,this is ******* amazing!I almost shat my pants playing it!
It has such a quality and detailed gameplay,sound and visuals that it should be a game on its own.I love the random slaps and sounds and flashlight flickers. 10/10 would bang


Wilson Chronicles

Mod review

First things first,Hi mate!
Loving the mod so far,installed it and I'm about an hour into it.The effects are really nice,I'm loving the music,which seems to be a bit inspired by FEAR's soundtrack,the models look really nice too,the menu is nicely compiled and overall it's awesome.Now there are some things which in my opinion could use a bit of more work because they really seem to be dragging down the whole gameplay.The game feels a bit blocky,a bit..ehm...too mechanic,meaning there are not a lot of things to promote the black mesa's atmosphere in terms of dialogue or plot.The grunts are really slow,they do have a buggy AI and seem to often not notice me as a hostile,instead they just stare blatantly at me.
On another chapter,the npcs are brutal,that I love!It seems that bullsquids are really lethal and the houndeyes seem to do a lot of damage too.

It's very hard achieving the environement you wanted with source engine,I mean,look at Black Mesa and all the bloody time it took the devs to get everyting in order!Considering the devs team still has time and expectedly a list of thing to improve/change/add,I wish you lads success with your project!


Zombie Master

Mod review

Bloody 10/10!Why?
Because it's a goddamn classic and the original source zombie mod!



Engine review

Firearms: Source

Mod review


Mod review

The mapping is really good,the lights are excellent and the scripted events are terrifying,even though the combat was overwhelming,dying is easy and getting out alive from several situations is pretty damn hard.I think you did somehting with the AI,because the evemies are more brutal than with the standard AI.As it concludes from my review,you did a really good job and I recomend this mod to anyone who reads this!



Mod review

At first it seemed amazing,just because of the fact that the weapons felt really strong and good.But as I walk my way through this mod,having almost no idea where to go and what to do,while most of my "teammates" were being killed...
The mapping was somewhere between average and good,but mostly big and empty which is a bad combination for a mod!
But it also was fun and I enjoyed pretty much of it!Oh and I don't understand if the crouching was intended to be that way,or it was some sort of bug...


Black Mesa: Surface Tension Uncut

Mod review - 1 agree

This was truly missing from the game!


Team Fortress 2

Game review

This game is always fun to play because of his exceeding originality and the diversity of its gameplay!


Black Mesa: Uplink

Mod review - 2 agree

It's very good and the atmosphere makes it special!

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