Wilson Chronicles is a total Source conversion of Half-Life Wilson Chronicles.

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flamingcrows says

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i waited this mod for a long time.But i was disappointed...


DarkShift says

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As I played the first beta (with the last level not fully functional), I must say that I was disappointed. I won't take the bugs in consideration, but the main problem is that it was pretty lacking "life" in this recreation of Black Mesa... After the resonance cascade, you encounter 2 guards still alive and that's it. No plot, nothing, just you fleeing through BM and its creatures...

Of course, we can only acknowledge the amount of work put here to recreate another BM, but unfortunately it will suffer the comparison with BMS... Too bad for the dev's :(

I must say I have to save the cool intro in the car... and I give it a 7/10 mainly to congratulate the huge amount of work the dev's must have put in this mod, but it suffers too much for being just a big "graphic demonstration" without being entertaining for the player and also to come "after" BMS...


It begins more than promising. The appartment area looks really beautiful, and the car sequence is ok, the main menu and HUD is more professional than in any other Source mod I've seen so far, but the overall experience becomes bad quickly, and gets worse a little bit with every minute.
It's mostly because of the awful level design; first, because it's one claustrophobic area after another, where you get to fight enemies using distant or area attacks and you can't even strafe away or hide from them. Secondly, because it's so freakin' confusing. Every few minutes I got stuck somewhere because I didn't know where to go; each door looks the same, so you can't tell which one will open, every switch looks the same, so you don't know which one to use, each corridor looks the same, etc...
I know it's currently in Beta stage, but if developers don't make *drastic* changes, mainly in their level design, and pretty much redo everything they have done so far, it won't really be worth time.


Crypt says

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First and foremost, I want to be fair in that this review is based off a Beta build. However, Beta being a near-complete state, I doubt too much will change in the final release.

Unfortunately, some very pretty level design is this game's only real saving grace. And that's all the level design truly is: Pretty. It doesn't play particularly well, objectives or purpose is pretty much never conveyed and some obstacles aren't obviously obstacles until you figure it out by accident. For example, you may not know you need to go through X door until you stumble across Y button, and later realize X door is open. Not to mention an instance where a once-closed and locked door opens for literally no logical reason. Or perhaps you didn't know you needed to pick up a key that looks like plain decoration. There's lots of this type of stuff throughout and it's incredibly annoying.

A big facet of level design is to use some cues, either obvious or subtle to nudge the player - often subconsciously - in the right direction. That never happens here. You're essentially left to your own devices and end up simply walking into areas you haven't already walked to and hope you end up somewhere new, or something happens. Even things that should be easy to get right, such as whether a door is locked or even usable or not also follow no obvious standards. A usually unusable object is now usable with no indication, an invisible wall on obviously surmountable objects, that sort of thing.

Asset quality ranges from high-quality, to low-quality, to outright stolen. Some models and textures were clearly made by a very competent designer, others either horrendously rushed or placed in the hands of a beginner. With that in mind, I'm very conflicted on game's visuals. On the one hand, a lot of the maps are pretty nice to look at, but it's hard to see passed the overblown lens flares and insanely opaque explosion and smoke/dust particles. Firefights are hell because you can't see anything.

Additionally, some rooms don't look detailed so much as dirtied. It seems every ceiling is covered in dirt, every floor is ridiculously broken and papers are everywhere.

Sound design feels like an afterthought. As does music, which is usually unfitting or badly timed. Soundscapes are basic, but at least present.

Big points for Xenian enemies brought back from Half-Life 1 era games, but I have to take some of them away considering they were never used in ways they should have been. It seems the enemies weren't placed in spots where their behavior is complemented by the environment, they were just placed at random. Obstacles slapped into environments at random as an afterthought. A lot of the enemy placement is strange like this.

Story is non-existent. Any information about anything comes from prior knowledge of Half-Life games. You're just wandering and killing things trying to kill you. I can count all of the friendly NPCs in the game on one hand and none of them have anything to say.

Overall, some ideas were nice and I can appreciate the projects scale and ambition. I'm a sucker for total conversions. Buuut it's hard to have fun amidst the level design frustration and big issues with visuals. I understand the team put a lot of effort into the game, and I hate to dock points with that in mind, but it's just a very conflicting, frustrating experience. The game's worth a play if you want to look at something nice for an hour or two, but don't expect to really enjoy playing. Level design is aesthetically far above average, but too much else is sub-par to warrant a high mark from me.

I finished the game in Hard in 4/5 hours and here's my personal opinion (taking in account that it's still a Beta).

What I liked :

- The quality of level is above most of Source games/mods.
- The 3D HUD.
- Integration of some HL1 NPCs (with sometimes different behavior) within Source.
- Unlike a lot of Source mods, optimization is done very well.
- Some of the puzzles were very interesting.

What I disliked :

- I would have loved to drive the Ford Mustang Fastback at the intro, it's a shame considering Source has support for vehicles. Also, the steering wheel not turning made my eyes bleed.
- The blur when you are low HP is very annoying especially when fighting large amount of NPCs at the same time.
- The HEV suit "watermark" at the top right was good when you get the suit but it's annoying to have it all the time, it feels like I'm playing in some kind of "take a screenshot" mode.
- More animations variety for some weapons would have been nice, the G36C and MP5 were using the same animations.
- Ironsights were totally useless and buggy with the M4, sorry for being direct but I've never used them within the whole game.
- I know that you encounter few NPCs within the game but having a security guard saying "Gordon" instead of "Darren" or "Wilson" is VERY weird.

To conclude :

Wilson Chronicles is a great HL2 mod for those who like running, shooting without taking much care about the story. I know this is Beta but more polishing would have been great.

I'm sorry, I don't believe any amount of patching and improving will ever make this anything more than a polished turd that isn't worth the installation space. It is very badly broken and literally all of the assets are ripped from other Source games. There is no intensity to it, I don't feel the drive to do anything within the game beyond try to kill Major Wilson.

Where to even begin? from the outset the HUD is completely broken, no matter what setting I try the crosshair is always off to the side. There's a seemingly inexhaustable supply of objects that you logically should be able to mount yet cannot no matter how hard you try. The drive to Black Mesa is pointless and boring, the interaction with the coworkers even more so.

The Resonance Cascade is over with in less than five seconds and all of a sudden boom everything goes wrong! The creatures, and then the military, appear way too suddenly within the game.

I just didn't feel compelled to finish the game like with so many other mods I've played, even Half-Life: Before. Heck, I prefer Prospekt to this! I don't care about Major Wilson. His story has no relevance, and the team that are telling it clearly don't get how to make it properly.

This is the shittiest **** ever. The level design is horrible, the creator is butthurt, there won't be any changes and it's all just plain ****. Thanks for wasting my time.


Meraqel says

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well -_-.



As an old school HL fan I was happy to wait on this much like a host of other mods that are "Done when they are done".
So after a long time watching this I finally gave it a try and I just cannot get to grips with it.

There is a fantastic amount of effort put into this, and it looks great for the source engine which is clearly showing it's age.

Seeing appearences of old game Xen creatures was wonderful and the redition of Black Mesa is second only to Black Mesa itself.

However like other reviews state, the game is devoid of life and story, now I know the Mod is still beta and perhaps that is what they are working on...if so GREAT I will wait some more, but after nearly two hours of running the gauntlet I was bored and had to stop.

Lastly I have yet to find a Source mod that has bought my 6Core Eyefinity gaming rig to it's knees but this is did the trick somehow.

Still in Beta, Iw ill wait for the final release and try again.

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As I played the first beta (with the last level not fully functional), I must say that I was disappointed. I won't take the bugs in consideration, but the main problem is that it was pretty lacking "life" in this recreation of Black Mesa... After the resonance cascade, you encounter 2 guards still alive and that's it. No plot, nothing, just you fleeing through BM and its creatures... Of course, we can only acknowledge the amount of work put here to recreate another BM, but unfortunately it will…

Aug 30 2015 by DarkShift