Zombie Master is a multiplayer Source modification, centred around a zombie-apocalypse, which throws all but one player in the shoes of human survivors. Pitched against a relentless tide of rotting flesh, they must scavenge for weaponry and equipment just to stay alive. But that one player, chosen randomly at the beginning of the round, is not bound by mortal restraints. To speak his name is to invite the wrath of hell - but most call him the 'Zombie Master'. He is nigh omnipotent. His invisible hand controls the legions of undead like puppets on strings; slowly closing the net on the humans while they run to and fro like rats in a maze.

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Amazing mod, very original and fresh!

this mod is ******* awesome!! Its perfectly done! I would definately shake the hands of the developers of this!

this mod need more weapons!!!

Pros: Best Zombie Multiplayer mod ever! I have been playing this since 2008 and have collected over 240 maps! Fun and addictive.

Cons: Animations are just bellow average. Gameplay is unbalanced in vanilla gameplay as most of the time the survivor always wins before the Zombie Master even gets to the limit of zombies.

You need plug-ins to enhance the resource system as zombie master in order to balance out the gameplay. When this is done then the game is really awesome and is always fun!

A very fun mod.

Great to play with friends (especially with open mics).

Install this mod. Play as the ZM. Use Immolators to scare your friends shitless. Laugh at their screams of fear. Enjoy.


This is the BEST AWSOMEST Half life 2 zombie mod EVER!!!!!!!! Anyone who hasent tried it. Please go try it. You will probably like it unless... You HATE Npc's!.





A great game!
It was an awesome, immersive experience back then when the servers were still having players but it died shortly after zm2 release.
And it was hard as **** :D i loved it and i still do.


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best game

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Amazing mod, very original and fresh!

Dec 5 2010 by cooldude21212