Hi folks! I am a voice actor for several mods, especially Rise of the Reds, Contra and ShockWave.

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C&C: Untitled

Mod review - 1 agree

An excellent mod. Deserves to be on the top ZH mods of all times.
Mod is considered finished, and does not feels rushed. Content is present, no big bugs spotted.

- Graphics/Effects are amongst the best between all ZH mods
- Models are realistic-looking, some are RL stuff, or could be some High-tech prototype.
- Generals have very distinct arsenal, matching their playstyle.
- Less ZH silly logic: All generals have tanks, artillery, etc. some of them have less efficient stuff in that category, but they can compete a bit.

However it is not flawless:
- Vanilla factions feel quite bland and uninteresting, since they have very few interesting tools.
- GLA generals do no feel diverse between them. Most of their arsenal is shared between all generals.

Not counting in my grade: USA has no adaptative unit :(. It's a design choice, but I'm a bit sad about it.

AI is decent, not perfect. Good enough to play some fun games.

Good job guys !


C&C Generals Extreme

Early access mod review - 2 agree

A talentless thief. He already got deleted several times (this one will hopefully follow)

Assets stolen from:
- Rise of the Reds
- ShockWave
- Contra
- Operation Firestorm
and probably others (sorry, I don't know all mods :P)

Please support TRUE mods, and TRUE modders, report this mod.

He claims that "big mods teams", like Rise of the Reds' and Contra's make "small mod" disappear. Nothing is further from truth. Actually, a lot of small mods do credit these teams.

Mods that get deleted get deleted because they stole content. This one should not be an exception.


Mental Omega

Mod review

A very good mod. Most of the issues of version 3.0 have been adressed in 3.3, the worst of them all being the very difficult AI.

New additions for all factions are nice. Especially the new airforce for Soviets and Epsilon.

The new Stolen Tech system is great. Easier to understand, the units are diverse and very useful against the factions you stole tech from.

The Foehn faction is a good addition. It is diverse, well-designed and very fun to play.

I can only see 2 bad points:
- Soviet teching system. Contrary to other factions, it has only 2 tech buildings (3 for others), and the second one is awefully expensive.
- Foehn have no early game scout (others have dogs/spook), which is quite annoying.
But that's more of a personnal preference.



Mod review

This mod is very interesting.

Each faction has a very unique gameplay, units have a nice design, and the effects are simply awesome.

The only flaws I can find come from the gameplay itself. The AI difficulty is very high, and forces you to rush all the time.
The tier system is okay, but not easy. You have to be careful about not losing your units, while destroying your opponent's.
Super-units are poweful, but not invincible. Not sure about global balance. The Efreet is debatable in my opinion. It's supposed to be an heroic unit. A suicide unit in that role is meh.

The biggest issue is the "This general has not X feature". No defenses for nuke gen, no AA infantry for tank gen, etc.

Overall, I like this mod, it is just hard to start with it. I'm still learning how to stay alive vs the AI. Looking forward to new versions

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