Bringing a truly unrivalled gaming experience to Zero Hour; Our team has added various modifications which updates the models, new sounds, and balance has been fine-tuned Untitled over shadows Zero Hour perfectly!

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Gunship_Mark_II says

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One of the best and fun mod on whole world :D

My favorite mod.


Lоnerboner says

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Just trowing a 10 around isn't valuable anymore! This mod is fun to play, looks good but lacks the graphical enhancement for me. But this is totally worth a download!


CnC_Fin says

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C&C Untitled is nothing like most Zero Hour mods out there. C&CU is very "mapper friendly" mod, as it adds dozens of new objects and roads to the Worldbuilder.
Even though there are no new factions in C&CU, gameplay is very fun. AI is much harder than in vanilla Zero Hour, and there are lots of new weapon and explosion effects, which make this even more attractive. There are some new or remade units on all factions, such as USA's Marine infantry, China's Mortar soldier and GLA's Jagdtiger tank.
Another thing that makes this mod special, is all the many easter eggs you may find in the mod. These include "F*cking explosive" -truck, and Jagdtiger saying "piece by f*****g piece!".

If you haven't tried C&C Untitled yet, you must download and try it out, today!


PeaceKeep0r says

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The vote says it all

Untitled/Generals 2

This should be what EA is doing about Command & Conquer because this is what the C&C fans want in the first place. It's a masterpiece. Just play the game and tell me it's ****. You can't, it's not ****, it's perfection.

If I would have to say one downside of this game, its the game engine. The game mechanics and performance along with the terrain could use some upgrades. If the situation allows it, I would want Untitled 4.0 to port into Thyme, an open source of Zero Hour currently in the making.


Kalga says

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Who needs the Frostbite 2 engine when you have this mod?


Sam090394 says

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[ITM]hammie says

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This mod has done some fantastic work with the highly detailed units and very nice models which nolonger look like the classic boxy ones, it has given many new units and buildings to the game and many more upgrades and powers, it has got the ballences done very well and pushed this game engine very far, i do not know how they have got this detail in to the game engine without creating mush lag atall, and i have not got a very good computer. this is a fantastic mod which is lots of fun and gives a different feel to the game, EA could never have made the game this good and this mod has just blown them away this could eventually be a 10/10 for me and may be my first to be 10

great mod!

An excellent mod. Deserves to be on the top ZH mods of all times.
Mod is considered finished, and does not feels rushed. Content is present, no big bugs spotted.

- Graphics/Effects are amongst the best between all ZH mods
- Models are realistic-looking, some are RL stuff, or could be some High-tech prototype.
- Generals have very distinct arsenal, matching their playstyle.
- Less ZH silly logic: All generals have tanks, artillery, etc. some of them have less efficient stuff in that category, but they can compete a bit.

However it is not flawless:
- Vanilla factions feel quite bland and uninteresting, since they have very few interesting tools.
- GLA generals do no feel diverse between them. Most of their arsenal is shared between all generals.

Not counting in my grade: USA has no adaptative unit :(. It's a design choice, but I'm a bit sad about it.

AI is decent, not perfect. Good enough to play some fun games.

Good job guys !

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One of the best and fun mod on whole world :D

My favorite mod.

Apr 13 2010 by Gunship_Mark_II