A free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, which retells, expands and continues the story of the original game. Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega strives to bring many new features to the game, including a 133-mission campaign, cooperative and a brand new faction: the Foehn Revolt.

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I used to think "Most 1-point reviews are baseless troll reviews. Perhaps their MCV got stolen."

Now the campaign (at least a part of them) lets me build as many MCVs as I want. I don't mind if my MCV is stolen now.

...Okay, if you don't play it or don't have the means to play it, at least watch YouTube and enjoy other people playing it, it will be worth your time.

10/10 :D

Easily one of the best, most professional "YR+" mods around. MO is genuinely produced as a "YR expansion", continuing the game's theme and storyline with a whole brand new campaign for all three factions.

While bringing in a few new ideas and a lot of new units for the games houses (without being overcrowded), MO doesn't depart too much from the original games atmosphere - a great mod for anyone who wants 'a little bit more YR'.



gelolololo says

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Top YR Mod! The best!

Mental Omega is one of the most effort-filled mods I have ever had the pleasure to experience in my decade in the Command and Conquer modding community. The latest build 3.0 has had so much work and effort put into it and it really shows, a huge improvement over the old builds in terms of bugs, graphics, gameplay and pure quality.

There is very little I have to say about Mental Omega which is negative, but there are a few tiny things that irritate me which is mostly due-to personal pet peeves so it's nothing that anybody else should really be getting worked up about. There are some kinks in the armour here and there and some small things which could be improved upon but as a mod leader myself, I am aware of how much work it takes to iron out all of the creases in a mod and how likely it is that somebody will be unhappy one way or another.

Mental Omega is truly deserving of its current fame, and it is a pleasure to see classic Command and Conquer mods still going strong, especially mods such as this one.

A good game mod that tries to balance out the three sides. Was one of the few mods that gave Yuri a proper Campaign which many people desired. Some Units were replaced/retooled but thats to be expected.

The Latest Version has taken an even more serious and professional approach to balance out all three sides which is always good to hear.

Keeping RA2 alive and kicking.

The mod is just one of the most incredible mods ever to be created for Yuri's Revenge. The amount of work that has been poured into this mod as well as the Ares DLL is enormous

Your time and effort is well rewarded. I hope you guys continue to update and keep creating incredible things.


Mental Omega is known for quality and huge ammount of work. With each version they're fixing their mistakes and with each version mod becomes more and more perfect (they keep their word about "almost perfect").
Also, I'm pretty sure that MO could be a perfect starting platform for other modifications - for beginners in modding or professionals.