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Report RSS Building secondary walls with orks
GreenScorpion Author

In case you are wondering about the reasons of this change in implementation, it is mostly because the previous method for building the secondary walls in an upgrade like way was a work around with flaws that could be exploited by people with patience. This method although less versatile works based on the same method as the listening posts and thus with no exploitable flaws.

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This method requires heavy modifications of the AI. Normally buildings listed up in the build program are checked with SquadAI:CanBuild(ebpid). For these walls you have to use SquadAI:CanBuildAt(ebpid, pos).

The easiest way would be writing a new tactic for Gretchinz. But this way you wouldn't know the current battlefield situation and whether it is valueable to build a secondary wall.

Another option would be extending the OrkBuildBaseStrategy:BuildFlexible() function to search for Gretchinz when a secondary wall is needed.

But if you want to use the build program it would be even more tricky.

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Both the waagh walls and the latest version of RT2's walls with guns for orks have been seen here before. The secondary line of defensive walls now work similar to building listening posts on strategic points, which means after you have built the basic walls you may place the secondary walls in positions that have the basic ones. You can only place one secondary wall for each basic wall built but being independent buildings they actually have their own hitpoints and may have different armour/susceptibilities.

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