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Real Cars 4 GTA 5

Mod review - 1 disagree

Garbage that doesnt even work.


Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review

A mandatory mod for SS. If you havent tried it out, you are missing out.

-1 just because there isnt a playable campaign, which may be added later.


Tiberian Sun Client

Mod review

Command & Conquer: Tiberian History

Mod review

Renegade Imperial Age

Game review - 2 disagree

Just to spite the unoriginal people complaining about nocd cracks and renegade content.

You guys do realize renegade is defacto abandonware?

The reviewers below are review bombers, but one guy stands out.
There is a guy there, who made publicity making his mod, and never released it, a C&C3; mod, and now has the gall to spew high horsed BS about justice.

DO yourself a favor and never truist review scores under 50 reviews in any case in life.


Mental Omega

Mod review - 4 agree - 22 disagree

1 out of 10 because this mod is a big f-you to everyone who has a cracked game exe.

Mod authors even go on the length to make their content DRMed.
I am not saying they shouldnt or they cant, but that they do is a huge let down to people who dont have a legit version or a cracked version.

Of course, nobody cares if you can even pay for the legit version or if you are a child and do have any money.

Get a job, prostitute yourself! You gotta give money to these poor guys!

Our world is run by these moral supremacists. Just look at what Valve tried to do with paid modding.

Its exactly this type of **** that teaches one, dont share, give people the middle finger and tell them to eff off.


Tiberian Sun: Asset Expansion

Mod review

Orange Sun

Mod review - 2 disagree

This mod is like sex on the beach. You just love it! After I read the name of it, organ sun, I went mad. Its such an amaizin name!

I really wanted to rate this mod 10/10 but made a mistake, then the mod maker came to my mod and rated it 1/10. So, I saw that and came here, saw my mistake and I am changing my review.

But its fine really, I am going to apologize for my mistake. This mod should be applauded and the mod maker should be applauded for his/her effort.
I appreciate the increased difficulty of the game. Thank you OrangeNero, for modding TS and keeping this game alive.


Operation: Firestorm

Mod review

C&C Generals Zero Hour: Enhanced

Mod review

One of the best mods of CNC Generals ZH.

It has new particle effects, textures for explosions, and several additions like bloom, SSAO,texture changes,Quality Grass and other additions.

My favorite thing abizt this mod obviously is the graphics, but it has more to offer such as new units, changes in gameplay.
While it changes the gameplay to be slower, I like the changes.
Buildings take more time to build, units are slower but all in all its good.

My two major criticism I have are that the AI has some problems with the new changes, at least in a official map I played.

The second thing is that there are some problems with the balaknce of the units and when I played as China, the MLRS rocket artillery kept killing other MLRS units nearby, because they were hitting each other.

A minor complaint is that the range of the artillery units is too long, perhaps the dev went for a more realistic approach to realife artillery range.

Other than that, its nothing too problematic.

I would like to congratulate the dev for his/her efforts.
Not many mods are as extensive as this mod.


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