Orange Sun enhances Tiberian Sun & Firestorm greatly including campaign and increases the gameplay possibilities while remaining the original feel of the game. Basically a rebalancing together with new content and lots of spleen. Now features the Campaign+ modifications.

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Fun mod and the campaign is playable!


Really good mod and now quit difficult to beat the AI, but for me this is where the fun begins


More content! MOOOOREEEE! jk (kinda)

Like I said keep up the good work!

Although the amount of new structures and units seemed a little excessive (at least, in the version I played), the game play is much more intense and the enemy AI is improved immensely.

With the help that Orange Nero has given me to somewhat alter the mod in a way I would like it gives this mod a 10/10 on my list! up there with Tiberium Essence and Twisted Insurrection and Tiberian Sun Retro

Like it for what it is :)
Much fun to be had with missions and skirmisch.

New Units and stuff is cool.


This mod is like sex on the beach. You just love it! After I read the name of it, organ sun, I went mad. Its such an amaizin name!

I really wanted to rate this mod 10/10 but made a mistake, then the mod maker came to my mod and rated it 1/10. So, I saw that and came here, saw my mistake and I am changing my review.

But its fine really, I am going to apologize for my mistake. This mod should be applauded and the mod maker should be applauded for his/her effort.
I appreciate the increased difficulty of the game. Thank you OrangeNero, for modding TS and keeping this game alive.


Great Work !!!
Keep it up !!

Is this a joke or what? So this is supposed to add an edited version of the campaign and to feel like a fresh one. Well, it is actually one of the worst mods i've ever played. I really tried to enjoy it but i couldn't even get past the FIRST NOD MISSION. THAT **** IS SO IMPOSSIBLE!!! And it seems like there is no difference between easy medium or hard. I tried every difficulty and it was still impossible. How are you supposed to defend against hordes of enemies attacking you from the very first second of the game, if you can't even get money. Yes! You can't get any money because right at the mineral field is A PIECE OF **** TANK THAT KEEPS DESTROYING MY ******* HARVESTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides that the enemy just sends waves and waves of infantry and vehicles every 30 goddamn seconds. And not just normal infantry but those ************* OVERPOWERED AS **** SHOTGUN INFANTRY that one shots your basic infantry. So I can't rate this any higher that 1/10 because I couldn't even play the game.


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