Work has officially begun on V5 of the DBolical sites. Our goal is keeping the same layout with minor improvements, that focus on usability, responsiveness and mobile support. At the moment we are testing various CSS frameworks to see what works best.


  • We are in the extremely early stage of development!!!
  • So expect bugs, glitches, unfinished work and all manner of issues
  • Right now we are just exploring ideas, nothing else
  • So ignore problems and let us know what you like / dislike
  • Remember nothing you see here might be used, so don't get too upset if you like/dislike something
  • The more feedback you provide the better
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Meet us at E3 2018

Meet us at E3 2018

News 6 comments

We will be attending E3 2018, keen to chat to modders and game developers about ModDB, IndieDB and

v5 preview

v5 preview

News 42 comments

For the past 6 months we have been working on a redesign of ModDB and IndieDB, whose design was last updated in 2008. We invite you to join the alpha.

Some feedback to Mod DB v5!

Some feedback to Mod DB v5!

News 6 comments

v5 will bring many new features like a design that is much more up-to-date than the current one. In this article I'll provide some feedback to this new...

Widgets everywhere... and v5!

Widgets everywhere... and v5!

News 17 comments

To make sharing downloads, games, mods easier we've created an easy to use widget system. Oh and work has finally begun on v5, learn how you can get access...

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I used v5 a couple of months ago and then left it on the same day.

One change I have noticed is that on a user's profile, addons and files tabs are missing.

I logged out and logged in again and it didn't work.

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Is this still in development or are we going to skip all this by straight going to V7 ??

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When I used the v5 beta and looked over my profile, I was shocked that I have had the most negative feedback. I'm not upset, but I was just stunned.
I'm not using V5 anymore.

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I have noticed that everytime you give karma to a comment, the page automatically scrolls to the top, rather than staying where it is. Same with editing (editing and replying doesn't work at all it seems). Other than that I am still using the v.5 continuously for the past months without any real issues.

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How is v.5 coming along? I haven't seen an update for quite a while :) .

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Me too

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First of all I like the looks and feel of the new design needs polishing for sure and more responsiveness CSS but it is obvious that it would become later...
Tho in my personal opinion I think we need more functionalities:
1- The user panel for example needs some expansion maybe add a "Create" button with drop down list , users can add addons, mods , games ,articles etc more quickly...

2- Possible live feedback from our tracked groups or users, like live notification of adding of images or status or addons or mods etc...which can possibly help making things more active and live notification of private messages.

3- Just like what we have in Twitter the ability to pin tweets maybe here on Mod DB we can have the ability to pin comments which can be really helpful for mods and games but users should also be able to use it on their profile which for users it can be the equivalent of status update, to make these more active or more accessible or reachable we could have "Latest Status Updates" list or box of users on the homepage.

4- Frankly if someone replied to another member or mentioned him, the notification can be lost in the updates page without like pop up notification (as user enters the site) or highlight of the reply or mention(Inside the updates page) the user might just scroll past them in hurry skipping them, making a highlighted short summery of the reply or mention in the updates page can be quite handy as well.

5- Each group could possibly use a chat room and one big public chat room for the whole site.

6- Possible integration of Mod DB site into an app just like Steam..

7- The ability to track the posts being posted on a group page or on our profiles.(Should be optional)
These were some of my and others opinions about functionalities...

Regarding looks well, the logo could be bigger and it needs to standout more frankly it doesn't have to be tilted, we could have that cartoonic wrench character leaning on the M or right beside it ?

All in all regarding the looks it's quite good.

BTW I noticed a bug when you enter a non commented image on your profile or group you can see a button for the 2nd page of comments and upon clicking on it you end up being shown the first images uploaded on the images bar.

Also a bug in the bottom of forum thread,Comment box showing up incorrectly

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The grey is missing its black polka dots texture. Mhmm...
Just more polka dots in general really.

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Being honest, I do actually really like it. It needs some work, that's for sure. I feel it could be more personal... but strangely I can't figure out how to suggest creating that feel, will think on it some. But I do like it and it feels in line with what we should be aiming for moddb. <3

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I've started using it and for the things that I've noticed :
1_there's no title or name above video and images I think that's odd "what's the meaning in nameing it if the name will not show up"
2_when pointing the mouse to the arrows that point to the next image/vidoe it changes its shape to two headed arrow <-> I don't know if this is normal !
3_in member profile in the Avatar space the Avatar kinda small compared to the space around it,and no more country flag?
4_I think I like the darker theme and colores and the black background ,the gray is a little ....
5_I think ModDB logo in the top left should be bigger to stand out while the notifications icons should be smaler ''my opinion''.
6_a customized head banner for profiles/pages would be better.
7_this one is my opinion,while you're on it why not making the option of good/bad karma to an image/video as well.
*that for now if I see or think of any thing I will notify by comment*
((all of the above are my personal opinion))

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