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Recently, my life is sad... very sad... when I sit in class, lesson is boring and my sadness is incredible, then I draw some characters... but these are normal people. There are not people but they have some hallmarks, characteristic for people. They have emotions... They are sad... They are bots.. Sad Bots.

Sad Bots were drawn about a year ago... each Sad Bot has its tridimensional version

Below I want to present origins of each Sad Bot

Sad Bot with no hands

Sad Bot with no hands (Original) Sad bot with no hands 3D

This Sad Bot was drawn when I was tubed by my girlfriend. I don't remember what lesson was but there was cloudy day. Then I drawn various creatures but when I became sad, this bot was born. When I noticed this is simple and emphatic, I began to have been proud of it.

Sad Bot with knives

Sad Bot with knives (Original) Sad bot with knives 3D

I don't remember for what reason I was sad but this was an English lesson which was extremelyboring and my health doesn't allow hear a teacher. To cheer up myself, I flashed on my exercise paper and pencil. I can't drawn anything, except of Sad Bot. This bot was to have killed because I am agresive when my health is falling.

Sad Bot with cannons

Crying Botty with cannons Sad bot with cannons 3D

My 3D skill was insufficient to associate with a picture so I've maled it and have removed its tears. I don't know what a sad had attacked me but my weaponology interest inspired me to draw this botty on one of history lessons.

More bots will come soon because I am quite sad when I have to go to school.. and not due to school but its.. hmmm.. organic environment :P


You are madman!!

~lover :D

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I feel sorry for them :(

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