I share interest in RTS and FPS games, especially C&C and Doom series, but I'm open for other games. Main games which you can see on my channel are Mental Omega 3.3/3.0 and Brutal Doom with it's brother Project Brutality.

Games and mods which I play/ed on my channel:
- Shoot'em ups (shmups) from various consoles and arcades. Mainly Psikyo, Irem, SNK, Konami, Capcom titles
- Command & Conquer series, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, Generals and Zero Hour
- Mental Omega 2.0 and Mental Omega 3.0, both campaigns with Act I and Act II in future. Allied, Soviet and Epsilon campaigns.
- Twisted Insurrection both GDI and Nod campaigns.
- Rise Of The Reds, Shockwave, Untitled, Contra, Zero Hour Enhanced mods for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.
- Brutal Doom, Project Brutality and other mods like Weapons Of Saturn, Trailblazer and so

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wow rude much? i have never over hyped my mod and remember, ITS FREE! our team made this mod as a free time project, FOR FUN! its not my fault you have high expectations on people who are limited to what they can do (SAGE engine) but maybe im wasting my time here, you dont even give your age... grow up kid, mods are made through dedicated individuals who create out of passion, we have not asked for a single cent so your commit is extremely rude. if you think you can do better, i'd be glad to teach ya.. im not upset over a bad review but there is a big difference between outright dissing someones hard work over true reviewing. thanks for nothing and please, dont come back. and if you are simply trying to get back at jist, you really should not take fire on people who had absolutely nothing to do with it..

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You say you're not upset over a bad review, but you're acting really immature about it, you know. By the way, have you ever heard about negative reviews? If you can't take a negative review, then perhaps you shouldn't be modding at all. Also, fix your grammar, and your comment, you really are contradicting yourself. By the way, maybe you should really examine your comment, and see who really is acting like a kid. Martinoz was mature enough not to even reply to you poorly worded and grammatized comment. So please, do some self-examining first.

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The Best EVER <3

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Hi thanks for following AGSA

If you use any social media, would you kindly follow or like me? :)


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thank for monatring my mod stay toned for more updates.

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Jun 30 2018

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Jun 27 2018

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