I share interest in RTS and FPS games, especially C&C and Doom series, but I'm open for other games. Main games which you can see on my channel are Mental Omega 3.3/3.0 and Brutal Doom with it's brother Project Brutality.

Games and mods which I play/ed on my channel:
- Shoot'em ups (shmups) from various consoles and arcades. Mainly Psikyo, Irem, SNK, Konami, Capcom titles
- Command & Conquer series, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge, Generals and Zero Hour
- Mental Omega 2.0 and Mental Omega 3.0, both campaigns with Act I and Act II in future. Allied, Soviet and Epsilon campaigns.
- Twisted Insurrection both GDI and Nod campaigns.
- Rise Of The Reds, Shockwave, Untitled, Contra, Zero Hour Enhanced mods for Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour.
- Brutal Doom, Project Brutality and other mods like Weapons Of Saturn, Trailblazer and so

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