"My name is Chinka - Patrick Chinka..." hahaha xD And I like jellyfish! :D I'm just: -> Command & Conquer lover -> Command & Conquer modder -> 3D modeller -> Sometimes coder -> Pedobear lover -> Reggaeton lover -> Rap & Reggaeton maker (I've just began :P) -> "Coce, b*#ches, vodka, lazores" fan -> Tanks and Bots fanatic etc. I'll write it later xD

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I think everyone on ModDB already know how much I like jellyfish. Because I often have contact with them, they have become a part of my imagination. And it all began with a slogan "I like jellyfish" - which caused that on my desktop, which was still on Windows XP, this animal had appeared.

I like medusas

I had a lot of jellyfish on my desktop. I mean I have it all the time -now, the default one of Windows Seven. But it is not the point of that. I had enough contact to jellyfish that first ideas to include them in my work had started. There were many ideas, but there was no time. But once I found a few minutes to create a jellyfish.

Fast made jellyfish ^^

Much time hadn't taken to have been started to mix my interests. Because I like tanks, the idea to merge them - inspired by the friend's post on Facebook, I created a kind of hybrid - called - indeed for the friend - "Czołguza".

Tankusa (originally Czołguza) Tankusa (originally Czołguza)

Tankusa (originally Czołguza)

In the near future you can expect more jellyfish ... but be aware that I make the Sad Bots, all kinds of tanks, and I mod - in addition, I have the mission of increasing the level of various things ^_^

BTW... Tiberium Floater is my #2 of the most favorite jellyfish :D

#2 of The Most Awesome Medusas Ever Seen xD
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