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The Elder Scrolls: Total War

Mod review

Cool mod but The Elder Scrolls is far from the greatest fantasy universe in gaming... quite amateur and shallow compared to the real elites.


Raven Shield Software Development Kit

Mod review

A must have. This is why the game lives on.


STALKER SoC Remaster

Mod review - 9 agree - 8 disagree

This mod uses assets from another modder and doesn't credit him and he even sells another mod (Clear Sky Remaster) with other modders' content in it.


Supply Drops: New gear for Rainbow6: 3

Mod review - 3 agree

With this mod and some others, Rainbow Six 3 becomes more mechanically advanced than most modern AAA shooters while of course being infinitely more content rich.


Thief 2 HD Texture Mod

Mod review

One of the most impressive graphics mods ever! Amazingly consistent too.


Doom 3 BFG Hi Def

Mod review

Much better graphics without disagreeable gameplay changes.


Tactical Expansion Mod

Mod review

Crysis needed this at launch. More guns, more accessories for guns, and all these new accessories make sense. Shotgun attachments, 40mm smoke grenades, guns from Crysis Warhead, grenade launcher turrets, and more. This is the only way to play Crysis.

The only thing I don't like are the new sounds for the original Crysis guns, but I've made an addon that reverts them back to the original.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly

Mod review - 13 agree - 9 disagree

Anomaly is one of the better and more promising forks of Call of Misery/Last Day, but still suffers from some of their issues and more. Here is a breakdown, and note I've only played 1.5 Beta 2.4:

- It has a promising future and has most features from Call of Chernobyl and more.

- It has thorough difficulty and gameplay customization so you are not stick with tedious synthetic Misery difficulty.

- But since it still uses Misery, it is full of inventory clutter, unnecessary items and some really autistic mechanics for repairing and such. You also need components yourself to have armors upgraded.

- Unlike most versions of CoC/CoM, Anomaly has a story mode with several campaigns. But they're not very good at all.

- It comes with Warfare for very dynamic faction warfare, as of 1.5 Beta 2.4.

- Some of the best animation work in the series, beta 3.0 has 3D non picture-in-picture scopes now.

- It doesn't go and enhance the level design like Dollchan, Demosfen, and MLR do.

- Really bad sense of progression. You'll get exoskeletons and other high end items early, fight high end creatures early, Cordon is full of fruit punches and electros.

- It has Call of Duty and Devil May Cry character models, and it still has Mein Kampf from Misery mod lol.

It'd be nice if Anomaly had a good story mode, enhanced levels, and some of the newer better tech shown by other mods such as picture-in-picture scopes, multithreaded rendering from X-Ray Oxygen, and the particle quality from the next A.R.E.A update.

In the meantime, I'd recommend Call of Chernobyl by stason174 over this easily.


Deus Ex: Revision

Mod review - 2 agree - 1 disagree

This is actually a really good mod hated for silly reasons, which are:

1) It used to be Steam only. Guess what? It isn't anymore.

2) It alters the layout of some maps.

#2 is controversial. Some of those layout changes are unneeded, but not objectively better or worse. Others are objectively seriously a hell of a lot better, namely the first Paris map and VersaLife HQ.

The first Paris map is just a damn courtyard and two buildings in the original game. The city of Paris deserves more than that. In Revision, this map is an actual chain of city blocks, an authentic city map for a game with many buildings.

VersaLife mostly got a major aesthetic overhaul in the lobby to make it appear more expensive as it should, rather than a plain office building like in the original.

Revision is mostly a universal improvement over the base game. Better gameplay balance, vaulting (ledge climbing) in Biomod which I recommend, much better visuals, every map is far more authentic and detailed. Its problems are:

- Skill point reduction for killing civilians.
- Spy Drone is broken at least in Biomod and Shifter.

Despite all this, GMDX v9 is just better and makes this obsolete. Better gameplay addons/tweaks, more customization.



Mod review - 4 agree

This mod, as of version 9.0.2, is just about perfect. Its only problem is some texture pop-in on my system.

GMDX is the ultimate version of Deus Ex. It is safe to play if it is your first time playing Deus Ex as it does not change any story elements, map layouts, and the only significant gameplay changes (stamina system and new augmentations) can be disabled. What it does do is make the levels more detailed without altering their layouts, improve gameplay, improve sound, and greatly improve visuals.

This mod contains Project HDTP and New Vision, resulting in vastly overhauled graphics. DX9 and DX10 renderer options (the latter is limited to 60 FPS), high resolution textures everywhere, new shaders, and more. It also includes new sound effects to add variety where the original is lacking. Gameplay balance is improved, Realistic difficulty is recommended. The new vaulting (ledge climbing) feature is priceless.

I wholeheartedly recommend using the new stamina system and augmentations. They are logical systems and the latter is an improvement over the original with the presence of new passive and automatic augmentations.

It is inevitable that this mod will be compared to Revision. GMDX is truer to the original so best for a first time playthrough. Revision has some limitations, like how vaulting is limited to Biomod which breaks Spy Drone unlike GMDX. GMDX is available in multiple languages unlike Revision, has additional ammo types, more sound effects, more UI customization (colors), and a new perk system which does not interfere with gameplay. Oh, and cameras are actually destructible in GMDX!

The only downside is that a few levels actually are better designed in Revision than the original game (and thus GMDX which uses the original levels but with more details added). Revision has two levels with significant improvements: the first Paris level, which is just a courtyard with two buildings I believe in the original game and thus GMDX, while it is an actual sliver of a city in Revision with multiple city blocks and streets and more buildings. The other better designed level is the VersaLife building, which is more visually appealing and showcases higher end aesthetics as one would expect from a company such as VersaLife, compared to the very plain design in the original/GMDX.

GMDX is ready for high resolutions, including 4k, due to the UI scaling options. Overall it is definitely the definitive version of Deus Ex.

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