GMDX V10 is a community made update for the GMDX mod. It features over 1400 new changes, in areas ranging from artistic direction to deepened function, and even bug fixing and attempts to reinforce adherence to canon. It's been built to have zero obligation (should a user not prefer it) by using a separate installation and save directory. Many save files are supported retroactively, although some hiccups do occur, as this was not a strictly intended feature. In our opinion, the game looks better, runs better, is balanced better. If you're looking for a way to facelift Vanilla or simply touch up GMDX, we think you'll enjoy what we bring to the table with v10. By the community, for the community.

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flashdan says

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I love the continued improvements to this awesome game.


Defaultplayer000 says

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Played the first few levels, absolutely fantastic so far!

I love being able to finally not use HDTP.


welshgamer3 says

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I love how the community comes together to improve upon the flaws of another mod.


gr3y5hadow says

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Amazing mod which stays true to the vanilla Deus Ex(perience).


Armatrix says

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Absolutely astonishing xD. I'd play it for 100000000 years straight if I actually had the chance xDD. Love it, just a little "but": the perks system should be readded on the other difficult levels as well.


lrosenth says

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This is a almost complete and unauthorized rip off of GMDXv9. You guys should feel ashamed! Take this down immediately! Talk with the author and ask him for permission.

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