GMDX V10 is a community made update for the GMDX mod. It features over 1400 new changes, in areas ranging from artistic direction to deepened function, and even bug fixing and attempts to reinforce adherence to canon. It's been built to have zero obligation (should a user not prefer it) by using a separate installation and save directory. Many save files are supported retroactively, although some hiccups do occur, as this was not a strictly intended feature. In our opinion, the game looks better, runs better, is balanced better. If you're looking for a way to facelift Vanilla or simply touch up GMDX, we think you'll enjoy what we bring to the table with v10. By the community, for the community.

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Played the first few levels, absolutely fantastic so far!

I love being able to finally not use HDTP.

I love how the community comes together to improve upon the flaws of another mod.


I love the continued improvements to this awesome game.

They have fixed many glitches hat were problematic in GMDX v10. Furthermore, they have made numerous logical gameplay changes that were very much needed.

They have also improved the graphics and performance.

A lot of time and effort has went into this. Thank you


Just great!



X0F says

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Must-have, indeed ! Although, I'm not a fan of character design changes in HDTP (which is optional and can be toggled in-game) and lack of higher-detail models in the original art-design. Built-in font scaling sucks compared to OTP UI Fix but the mod is incompatible with it. General action button (right-click) is still can't be unfused from "take away" action, only "postponed" by double-click option.

Would be nice to see improved DX11 renderer become the part of it, when it gets fixed from current issues. But, as anything else, it can be installed and selected by manual ini-file editing as it is already. I use GMDX's integrated OpenAL audio subsystem with vanilla game too.

I'd give it a 9 just based on some of the bugs, but considering it's in active development and the developers have been really responsive, it'd feel disgusting to give it a 9 just based on growing pains. Other than that I adore this mod. It is absolutely fantastic. Best way to play Deus Ex I've found, better than Revision and improving incredibly upon GMDX 9. A must play.


Just the base game but with better AI, balance and bugfixes. Ugly graphics and weird additions from original GMDX are optional here

LOVE this Mod GMDX for one of the Top 10 games of all time

Deus Ex!

Here is my series.

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Highest Rated (4 agree) 10/10

Played the first few levels, absolutely fantastic so far!

I love being able to finally not use HDTP.

Dec 11 2018 by Defaultplayer000